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Rancho Bernardo High School is a public high school. Poway High School is one of the nearest high schools. HS English teacher posts her homework after 11 30 am. When students protest her answer is "this is my teaching style". Teachers unified trade brokers del norte school district test on chapters not taught yet.

My oldest had successful academic music and athletic experiences at RBHS and was accepted into a top 4-year university. I currently have 2 kids at RBHS. The music programs band orchestra choir are outstanding. The athletic programs are fabulous. Most of the AP classes are well-taught. The principal is great with the students parents and staff. Many parents are involved in the music and athletic programs fundraising and such. I feel the school falls short when it comes to educating students who are not unified trade brokers del norte school district in attending a 4-year college those who want to join the military or students who are interested in trade schools and public service jobs like police fire fighting and paramedics.

The school has no ROTC or hands-on classes like auto shop woodworking fire science home economics or anything else for kids who desire life skills classes. Something that has bothered my unified trade brokers del norte school district has been a general lack of tolerance and respect shown for many religious students as teachers and students with liberal and LGBTQ ideologies speak out against anyone with religious or conservative viewpoints.

There is bullying and harassment among students that goes on behind the scenes. To his credit the principal works hard to make all students feel welcome and safe at the school.

They do not teach. Teachers keep on changing in classes. Students are penalized for the teacher changes. Teachers are unavailable to talk to the parents. Parents are actively discouraged from contacting the teachers. It is all a way of avoiding teacher accountability. Clean professional yet friendly. Environment is safe and healthy. Both academics and sports are very well accepted. RBHS is an outstanding school with a focus on academics co-curricular and extra curricular programs.

There are a variety of athletic teams and clubs on campus for students to get involved in as well. Parents are encouraged to become part of the school by joining foundations PTSA boosters and volunteer work all to support the students. We have won tournaments for like the past decade now.

If you are going there for the music let me give you some advice. If you arent in it to win it Unified trade brokers del norte school district three kids attended RBHS. They also received merit and talent based scholarships. RBHS teachers and staff prepared them well along with parental motivation! My 2 sons loved the school but my daughter felt like she didn't quite fit into the social circles there.

Her senior year was a little out of the ordinary and the principal and counselors worked with her to help her meet her goals. He had a true caring attitude for his students particularly the ones who were out of the main stream.

I believe that Paul attended every sporting event choir concert band performance and student activitiy that was held at the school. The best thing you can do for your student in school is to volunteer your time to one of the many school organizations and get you kids involved in an extracurricular activity that they enjoy. I am a student at RBHS and I feel that some of the safety mesures here are not quite taken seriously Also the teachers can tend to pick out favorites from their classes and they would mostly just be mean to the other students.

As a former RB student I would honestly have to say there school is nothing to special or anything remotely close to brag about. I grew up in the area and was very excited to go to RBHS after getting an inner-district transfer just to attend the school instead of another PUSD school that I now attend. However I was greatly disspapointed with RB.

The academics are subpar as RB goes by the traditional semester schedule in which you take 12 courses a year 3 less than the PUSD's other high school's Mt. Carmel and Del Norte and 4 less than Westview. The decelerated learning pace could help kids who struggle in school but with one 30 minute after-school tutorial through the course of one week not much help is given.

The teachers who were also coaches at times seemed to care about RB's sports more than the actual class itself as RB has a very heavy sports reputation.

The school campus seems a bit more outdated than it should be considering it opened in but it's not a major problem. The upsides about RB are definitely the sports and school pride.

RB's school spirit is a huge thing that I enjoyed during my time there. Overall RBHS is decent but look elsewhere if you can. The review that starts "This school does not have a funding problem I have 2 kids in RB High and have been extremely impressed with the school staff and programs. RBHS is ranked very high on greatschools. They have top notch teachers and administrators that really care for students and want them to succeed in school and in life. One pearl is the RBHS band program. This is one of the top programs in CA and wins most of the unified trade brokers del norte school district competitions.

College music programs all know about RBHS. My son is receiving a scholarship because of his involvement in the band program. The school also has a premier sports program and wins championships every year. The baseball program is nationally known and received a national championship several years ago. Overall it is all about the education though and I feel my kids will be completely prepared for unified trade brokers del norte school district. Coming from a student at RB High i have a different perspective.

Rancho Bernardo is not the prettiest high school nor is it the cleanest. Yeah its "an old school" but most students forget the layout of the school during their time at RB. Rancho Bernardo is a very competitive high school when it comes to both athletics and unified trade brokers del norte school district and our music program consistantly beats all the other unified trade brokers del norte school district. Some of the most challenging AP and honors classes out there are at RB. It is true though that if your child is an average student or has trouble in school i wouldn't pick Rancho Bernardo.

From what i've seen most students who don't do well here are usually the un-motivated ones teachers don't hold your hands here but thats true for most schools. This is a very famous high school for a reason Broncos are 1! This school does not have unified trade brokers del norte school district funding problem it has a management problem. The class schedules rotations and outrageous holiday schedules combined with a 'do the minimum' faculty put learning in the backseat.

The priority is to fill the seats and perform on the standardized tests. They actually took classroom time out last year for an assembly to remind students to get to bed early and be prepared for the testing the next week.

The teachers do not expect much out of the students. I can't say RB is any worse than other schools in the area. Its not a war zone and if your child is motivated and on the honors track they can thrive.

If they need help structure expectation etc go private or don't expect much. Although we are very familiar with RBH's reputation that is a past reputation. Moving to the area it was obvious that the district has cut way way back due to funding. The unified trade brokers del norte school district we only 'maintained' if a bit run down for a school that age.

We could not get into guidance to discuss our childs needs and when we finally we able to we were met with incredible crassness and uncaring guidance office. Class after class gone due to the budget crisis. Yes they kept AP courses so was unified trade brokers del norte school district up. But there is no depth to education anymore and it was clear that 'caring' was gone when the school lost funding. My kid who is very bright will sink it that cesspool. We are going private.

Hopefully funding will improve and attitudes will adjust. This school used to be an amazing school for just about anything. But because of the budget cuts the school year is not going to have many good programs. They are cutting or trimming some of the best and most popular classes. They dont offer summer school unless you got a D or F in the class or need special education. If the year was I would say this is one of the best schools in the USA but because of the budget cuts it wont be anymore.

I'm finishing my freshmen year. School attendance zone boundaries are supplied by Pitney Bowes and unified trade brokers del norte school district subject to change. Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries. GreatSchools ratings are based on a comparison of test results for all schools in the state.

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The GAD program was integrated into the MBN approach, resulting in an increased appreciation of the role of women and men in realizing the vision of the province.

This case provides information and insights that may prove useful for GAD stakeholders looking for alternative approaches to GAD mainstreaming in government programs and projects. The Minimum Basic Needs MBN Approach, which the provincial government of Davao del Norte has adopted as its framework for achieving meaningful development in the province, is a strategy that converges all the programs of the various provincial government agencies towards one goal: The implementation of this approach is participatory, i.

To be faithful to these guiding principles, the gender perspective was incorporated into the MBN approach. GAD mainstreaming was made possible through the enactment of necessary policies, issuance of directives, and creation of mechanisms to coordinate and facilitate the mainstreaming process.

All LGUs, from the provincial to the barangay levels, and the civil society are involved in the mainstreaming efforts. Their cooperation and compliance are assured through the provision of support systems such as capacity development, linkages and networks, resources, consultations, and participatory methods.

The implementation of the GAD program has enhanced the local government's effectiveness and responsiveness in dealing with the concerns of its constituents. It also fostered greater appreciation of the role and contribution of both women and men in realizing the vision of the province. An MBN survey conducted in surfaced a number of pressing problems confronting the women in the poorest sectors of the province.

Some of the sectoral gender-related problems that were identified are the following:. Poverty, with more than 57, families living below the poverty line income of P36, or less annually ;. Marginalization of women in agriculture due to stereotyping, low access to technology, and low income;.

Inadequate protective services, with one police officer per 1, persons the standard is 1: Marginalization of men in the traditionally women-centered health services, which may have contributed to a higher male crude death rate of High maternal and child mortality and morbidity; and a limited and women-focused family planning program;.

Inadequate and inaccessible water supply in many areas, unavailability of power supply in a number of barangays, as well as lack of environment-friendly solid waste disposal system; and. Insignificant participation of women in governance, with only ten of the elective positions in the municipal and city levels occupied by women There are only 14 women out of punong barangays and in the remaining 1, elective barangay positions. At the same time, GAD mainstreaming was envisioned to respond to the fundamental concerns of integrating GAD in local planning at all levels, promoting more gender-fair hiring and promotion systems, and undertaking a more gender-sensitive analysis of employees' needs.

The GAD Program was integrated into the overall scheme of governance with clear-cut objectives identified by sector, as follows:. For the social sector to enhance the comprehensive and integrated delivery of social services through the MBN Approach; to improve employment opportunities for women and men; to strengthen the youth development and welfare program; and to establish child-friendly day care centers and a Women Crisis Center;.

For the protective services sector to promote people's participation in fostering a safe, peaceful and orderly community; to ensure equal access of women and men in the police force to services and benefits; and to ensure the availability of gender sensitive and responsive services. It has committed to increase awareness of GAD issues in the male dominated political leadership; build a strong support base for GAD mainstreaming among development agencies, executive and legislative bodies, NGOs, and POs; and mobilize all agencies of government in identifying and developing gender-responsive indicators to be used in planning, programming, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation systems.

Strategies and activities were put in place taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the organization, as well as the opportunities and threats posed by external factors. The strategies and activities adopted were:. This includes top-level advocacy and GAD orientation for local chief executives; provincial, city and municipal legislators; administrators; and department heads.

To institutionalize the GAD program, a series of resolutions, ordinances, executive orders, memoranda, and circulars were passed, adopted, and issued by the legislative and executive branches of the provincial government.

Information-education materials were drafted and reproduced. GAD billboards were also installed in strategic areas around the province. They, in turn, conducted trainers' trainings and Gender Sensitivity Trainings among identified key persons in the city and municipal levels. The capability-building sessions included a one-day GAD orientation, two-day Gender Sensitivity Training, and one half-day symposium and forum. Formulation of a gender-responsive comprehensive development plan.

Approved on May , the plan is now being implemented. Production of the GAD Module. The Provincial GAD Team, with the technical assistance of consultants and other sectoral representatives, formulated a module customized to the Davao del Norte gender concerns. This module is periodically modified based on the changing needs of the target audiences. Conduct of GAD Team meetings and conferences. The GAD Teams in the different levels regularly hold the Kumustahan sa GAD, consultative conferences, and meetings to maintain and sustain their network, and enrich one another with their sharing of their experiences.

Monitoring, assessment, and evaluation. A monitoring team was formed to keep track of the progress of the various GAD teams, monitor the implementation of GAD programs and projects, and check the implementation of GR-CDP in the local government units. The monitoring team regularly holds semestral and year-end assessments and evaluations with the GAD teams in the different levels. Resource networks were established. Its members come from the following departments and offices: The members are assigned to different committees, e.

In addition, women legislators and recognized women's organizations submit program and project proposals to the Office of the Governor for funding. All inputs, plans, and proposals are identified and prioritized as to budgetary allocation and implementation. At the institutional level, there are two significant results that ensure the progressive enhancement of GAD mainstreaming in the province:. First is the institutionalization of the GAD Program in all levels through the issuance of official directives and creation of mechanisms for the purpose.

Notable are EO No. The Sangguniang Panlalawigan likewise issued relevant resolutions and ordinances such as Resolution Nos. Led by the provincial government, the local chief executives issued a pledge of commitment to institutionalize GAD in all cities and municipalities.

GAD teams and trainers pools were formed and extensively prepared for the task of gender mainstreaming. The second result is the institution of the GAD budget as an integral part of the regular budget allocation of the province.

Some of the results emerging from these gender-responsive programs are:. Increased adoption of technologies that allow fair participation of women and men in agricultural production and marketing. This was attained through the provision of equal training opportunities for women and men on such concerns as integrated pest management, biological control agents program, and organic and bio-fertilizers production. A total of 1, male and 1, female participants have been trained.

GSTs were conducted among the officers and members of the various Rural Improvement Clubs, and a gender-based data banking system was put in place. Enhanced capacity of women for income generation.

Aside from farming skills, women have been trained on meat processing, livestock raising; lemon juice processing; agriproducts trading; fish processing; peanut brittle, candy and pastries preparation; and coconut midrib plate- and bag-making. Increased financial resources for women's economic activities. The local councils of women managed livelihood projects and micro-lending programs sourced through grants and aids from national and international institutions.

Recently, Abanse Pinay a party list group released a substantial sum for the councils' livelihood and enterprise development undertakings. Managed by the Davao del Norte Council of Women, the amount has significantly improved women's opportunities for capital build-up, savings, and investment potentials. Improved implementation of the day care program through an accreditation process that ensures the gender- and child-friendliness of day care structures and facilities.

There was also a significant increase additional 39 in the number of day care centers set up in the province. Increased education campaign on and implementation of waste management initiatives. Lectures on waste management were conducted, creative means of recycling scrap were identified, and garbage receptacles and hangers were distributed to the puroks and barangays. Intensified implementation of the Special Program for the Employment of Students and provisions of more opportunities for qualified out-of-school youth to avail of scholarship grants.

Refocusing of the reproductive health program to involve the men, leading to the creation of a Male Reproductive Health Clinic in every rural health unit, city health office, and district hospital. Andropause, STD, other renal tract infections, and sexual dysfunctions are now subjects of open discussion in symposia, counseling sessions, and advocacy campaigns.

Prostate and testicular problems are diagnosed and treated in the regular medical facilities. Determining family size and child spacing have become the couple's shared responsibility. Presence of more gender- and children- sensitive protective services. The "Kinder Cop" Program of the Provincial Police Office PPO included information-education campaigns in schools to lessen the incidence of child abuse and regain the confidence of the youth on the authorities.

Increased attention to ensuring accessibility of basic services such as water. The women played a crucial role in making this possible. For example, the Talaingod Women's Association, Inc. Availability of comprehensive services for women victims of violence. The Davao del Norte Council of Women and the Provincial Government established and made operational the Women Development Center to extend shelter, and legal and psychological assistance to women and children victims of violence.

The GAD team members and resource networks are confronted with some organizational problems. One is the heavy workload of the GAD focal persons, making it inevitable for the program to take a backseat in terms of prioritization. Finding a mutually convenient schedule for meetings and activities continues to be a challenge for the Provincial GAD Coordinator.

Finally, the modules for the gender sensitivity training are not customized to the unique contexts of the Muslims, indigenous communities, and the youth sector. GAD mainstreaming brought together the different sectors in Davao del Norte: This resulted in their unified commitment to pursue gender equity and equality in their homes and in their communities. A number of these stakeholders have testified to the liberating experience the awareness and sensitivity seminars brought into their personal and social relationships.

Indeed, people are the central force in GAD mainstreaming. Greater awareness on gender and development issues among local chief executives and local officials paves the way for the formulation of policies and legislation responsive to the cause of women and children, and facilitates funding for gender-related plans and programs. A holistic mechanism for women's participation in problem identification, problem resolution, and local governance, from the provincial to the municipal and city levels, is the turnkey to GAD mainstreaming.

Regular capability-building exercises, and constant meetings and conferences enhance teambuilding and provide GAD team members with avenues for mutual learning. An established system for GAD planning, budgeting, monitoring, and evaluation makes possible the coordinated and efficient implementation of gender mainstreaming programs and projects at various levels. Certainly, GAD ushered in a paradigm shift in conventional governance.

In Davao del Norte, local governments have visibly veered away from looking at male and female statistics as mere figures; they now see in these statistics women and men with sensibilities and sensitivities. Originally published in the Gender-Responsive Local Governance: Skip to main content. Overview The Minimum Basic Needs MBN Approach, which the provincial government of Davao del Norte has adopted as its framework for achieving meaningful development in the province, is a strategy that converges all the programs of the various provincial government agencies towards one goal: Some of the sectoral gender-related problems that were identified are the following: