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It is great to have you here. Check out the links below. Each one contains a video lesson with added detail to help you learn, and I personally wish you the very best on your journey.

How to Compare Equity Curves. How to Code Trend Pilot: How to Remove Excess Signals. However, even though it is not expensive, it can take a bit of time to learn how to use it properly. In this Amibroker tutorial, we are going to show you how to create a Watchlist. Watchlists can be extremely useful if you want to group a bunch of stocks together to look at them easily.

It is also very useful when we want to automatically test our trading system rules over a range of stocks to see how well it works. You can rename your watchlist by left clicking on the list again. It will turn blue and you can type a new name in and press enter to save it.

Derek - July 2, Dave, Could you please do a video on coding the Chandelier stop in Amibroker. I notice that you have a tab devoted to Chandelier in you Amibroker configuration.

Many thanks Regards Derek. Dave McLachlan - July 2, The Chandelier stop involves Looping — apparently quite a common programming phenomenon but completely new to me as a lay-person and with my basic coding skills!

Turtle trading strategy 1 short ton Patel - July 25, Thanks a lot Dave for publishing Amibroker tutorials. I was looking all over internet but yours are the best!

Dave McLachlan - July 27, Joe - September 25, Fantastic learning tutorial with Amibroker. It is a simple Rsi 2 system that goes like this:. It is for backtesting. Do you have any idea how to write this part? Dave McLachlan - September 26, I love that method! Am just playing around with it myself. Narayan - October 22, Brad - October 30, Dave McLachlan - November 3, I use Just Data, and Turtle trading strategy 1 short ton Data is another one out there.

Geary - November 10, Dave McLachlan - November 14, Martin Siegert - December 6, Thanks for the Buy and Hold System! I have a question how to do? I have a portfolio with 10 stocks. Turtle trading strategy 1 short ton McLachlan - December 11, Dave, Is it possible to get free yahoo end of data for stocks linked to amibroker software?

Do you consider this clean data to use for end of day trading? Dave McLachlan - January 24, Might not be the best for back-testing. Maybe there is a better way than this, but this is what I do. Dave McLachlan - February 23, Dave McLachlan - August 21, Loops are not turtle trading strategy 1 short ton area of expertise in fact, my coding skills are very limited.

The JavaScript course they have teaches looping techniques that are very similar to Amibroker AFL and should set you on the right path. Dayn - December 2, Can I white paper money rolling forward too? Mohamed Sarvar - March 1, Time Frame Hourly 3.

If price close below the Fib level Stop Loss above Fib level If price close above Fib level Paul SIT - July 22, I am an Amibroker beginner. I want to filter out the stochastic slow cross signal from a list of stocks. I have the following simple code. However, I have tried many many times with various modifications, but it never works.

Appreciate if you can teach me and point me to the right direction. John - November 12, It is a pleasure reading and learning about amibroker through your turtle trading strategy 1 short ton. And by this I mean what steps someone would need to make to adapt their strategy for full automation.

Sample code and methodology would be much appreciated to the novice trader. If I get some answers, I will do up a vid! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Paul Davey - June 25, Thank you for your training videos I am finding them very helpful.

David McLachlan - June 29, Might be a question for Amibroker Support. Paul Davey - July 1, I got this responce back for the values being different and it seems to of worked for the MA being different. Turn that on and set the reference symbol to XAO.

That should cure the issue. Robert - July 8, For example, in your MA crossover backtest it picks 20 stocks, but what if there are 40 crossovers? And can you review the holdings by period? Does Amibroker allow you to peer the onion on the backtests? David McLachlan - July 10, Hey Paul — that turtle trading strategy 1 short ton excellent! Thanks for posting back. They are a great bunch of people there. Hey Robert — As far as I understand it, it ranks alphabetically.

That is why I and others who are more worth their salt than I recommend Monte Carlo testing. Ivan - August 20, I have a challenge for you! If the correlation goes down we buy one stock and short the other. Could you help me?

Hi Dave, for doing turtle trading strategy 1 short ton the scans and programming of your code is the standard version of amibroker turtle trading strategy 1 short ton for the job. I only want to turtle trading strategy 1 short ton EOD not tic data etc and also run scan to see what stocks to buy the next day. Just wanted to know if the standard version with yahoo eod is fine.

Max - September 23, Paul Davey - March 15, Hi Dave I find your videos great and easy to follow and understand. I was wondering if you could do a video on Amibroker Rotational trading eg. Rotate every 2 weeks.

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