The Bitcoin Bubble Has Plenty of Room to Grow

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There are a lot of websites and app across multiple platforms that try to deliver all sort of information. Some have better features but lack in usability, others can be too complex or too basic to fulfill the users needs.

The next list is a compilation of the websites and apps I daily use:. The portfolio section, in my opinion, is where this website claims its right to be on the top because I can easily see all the information about my portfolio in realtime. With CryptoCompare, you'll only need to pick the coin, the exchange, the coin amount and buy average. After adding all the open trades you have, you can sit back and easily follow your balances health with automatic output for: In that screen you can add 6 markets you follow the most.

You'll be able to see the chart, trades, depth, etc If you have more than 1 display, then you can keep it visible all time and this way you'll be always on top on whats happening on that 6 markets. You'll also be able to open a new tab with the chart you want. You be able to use all the typical tools based on tradingview to do all sort of Technical Analysis but for that I use another website. Cryptrader enables connection to API's and all sort of stuff for premium users.

The only advantage would be to portfolio management but I CryptoCompare does that job and I don't have to share any private info yes, I don't even like to link my API's from my exchange account to any website, I feel more secure that way! It's a very nice product made by crypto enthusiasts and aimed directly to CryptoCurrency traders.

It's based also on tradingview but optimized to meet the BitCoin and AltCoin trading desires. All tools in Coinigy work a lot better than the cryptrader ones I guess it's all optimized by the coinigy developer crew.

Tradingview crypto market cap also very easy to make all the TA over a chart and simple click "upload" and you'll keep all the information, you can easily change markets and do another TA and upload it again at the end.

Then if you simply go back to that first market, you'll be able to see all the TA you've draw without having to do anything more. You'll also have the possibility of using API and connect it to your exchange giving you the ability to have more information about your holdings and portfolio balance. To check Bitcoin Prices and Charts I've been using https: I also enjoy the font style and sizes, don't know why but tradingview crypto market cap better!

On my android I only tradingview crypto market cap one app that does all the work I need and want on a mobile. My main goal on my mobile is to see as easily possible all the prices of the markets I want to check. Until now only one app does it right and without any flaws! It's the BitcoinChecker and you can download it at the playstore: After install, and to fully use it, you'll have to add a widget on the display I have one full tab for this app only.

Tradingview crypto market cap you have your widget on tradingview crypto market cap display you can add any cryptocurrency and exchange. You'll quickly have access to as many markets as you wish because the widget enables scrolling.

You can set it up to do autorefresh by the minute, from 5m, etc or simply click the refresh button on the widget to do a live refresh of all prices you follow. I would like to add images to go along with the article but I don't know how to add them on steemit: This is a nice guide on markdown syntax: When in 'Submitting a Story' mode, click on Editor to reveal it's tool set.

Click on the image icon and enter the URL of the image. You can use imgsafe. I tradingview crypto market cap add CoinMarketCap to that list, very handy site for altcoin prices, market cap, available markets, and so on. I've tradingview crypto market cap using Coinigy for a few months and feel tradingview crypto market cap it's excellent. Definitely worth the subscription provided you trade enough to at the very least cover the monthly fee.

I've made a Portuguese version of this post as well: Also if tradingview crypto market cap are new to trading you can give this a go in demo mode to get your feet wet for free https: What websites and apps do I use on my daily trading.

The next list is a compilation of the websites and apps I daily use: And that's all folks, Hope you found this information useful an remember to give a like bellow! Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Thanks, Images added to article! You should check out Tabtrader for Android and iOS. Yeah, to be fair I use it but only when I want to check some marketcap for x or y coin.

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I've been spending way too much time trading, ask my wife. I'm sure many of you being steemers understand this. I remember when I had a life. So since I've been spending so much time doing it, I thought I might as well post about the tools I use to do it, if you're thinking about getting into it then I can show you a few things to look at.

The best tool I have for technical analysis of crypto, stocks, forex, any trading pair really, is Tradingview , I use the exchanges Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia, and get raw coin info from Coingecko and Coinmarketcap.

I also look at the coin websites and twitter, and just a google search for the latest news about the coin. Last but not least, if you are either very confident or very reckless and dumb, I'm not sure yet which I am, then you can use Whaleclub to trade with leverage. This let's you make big gains on small money, but if it doesn't go your way, you lose more money too. Leverage trading has broken many people.

Let's hope I don't turn out to be one of them. I'll also mention Robinhood, which is a phone app for trading US stocks that is no fee! There, I mentioned it. All of the above are free to use, although there are some add on services if you are so inclined. Tradingview is a site that can show you any chart of just about anything that can be traded, from Apple Stock to just plain apples, and it is a social network where traders share their ideas.

The charts are very easy to mark up with trendlines and patterns you think you see. It's got alerts you can set and news feeds and much more. Easy and intuitive for beginners, and powerful enough for advanced chartists — TradingView has all charting tools you need to share and view trading ideas.

Real-time data and browser-based charts let you do your research from anywhere, since there are no installations or complex setups.

Whenever I'm investing or trading, Tradingview is my main tool for analysis. It's free, although you can pay to use multiple windows at once and set more alarms, which can be valuable. It's also got a lot of instructional tools on how to use indicators of when to buy and sell.

I can't be too clear on this point. Tradingview is the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, it's what Chuck Norris would use if he needed to use something, which he doesn't. Moving average convergence and divergence. This tells you basically when there's about to be a pivot point where the movement changes direction up or down. It doesn't tell you how much though, so you can't trade based on it alone. RSI Relative Strength Index - tells you when whatever you're trading is overbought or oversold, and indicator of whether it's about to go up or down.

This just shows you the trend within a certain timeframe, which is always important to know. Volume If the volume of trading going on is high, means there is likely to be a big gain or drop, if it is low, then the movement may be slow. Tradingview and Investopedia have great info on how all the above indicators work, and there are hundreds more: You can also read there about how to plan a trade.

You need an entry point and exit strategy, how much profit do you think you can earn safely? Also, you want a stop loss point, so if the value drops unexpectedly, your position will close and you will lose some, but not all of your money. Bittrex is my favorite, it has most of the good coins to trade, it has some nice trading tools built into charts, good volume, and I haven't really had problems making trades whenever I want to.

Poloniex I started out using Poloniex, and it also has a good selection of currencies, but not as many as Bittrex, and it doesn't quite run as smoothly. However, the main reason I use both is that I just don't like the idea of putting everything on just one exchange. It's not like if they shut down there's any court you could go to or any way to get your money back, so better to at least save something if one goes down.

Cryptopia I haven't use this much, but if you want to trade some lesser known or newer altcoins, Cryptopia has the most currencies of the exchanges. However the volume is lower so it's not great if you want to make fast trades. If the big exchanges don't have a coin you're looking for there's a good chance Cryptopia will have it. A big FU to them and to my own gov for making that happen. Tradingview also has a news feed that links to several cryptocurrency news sources like Coindesk and The Merkle.

This place is for margin trading or leverage trading. It's very user friendly. Letting you trade with money you don't have is awesome, but the risks can be huge. Luckily it let's you practice trade and it is possible to make small trades, not using a huge amount. Honestly I haven't used it much yet, there's margin trading on poloniex which is probably safer, but Whaleclub is very fast and you can act quickly if you see something moving.

It's more awkward on Poloniex. My most burning question is this: Are you making money or simply paying to get educated? I have a very expensive education from the stock market in the 80's! The educational tools that are out there are mind blowing.

My day job is slow right now so I have a lot of time on my hands. I don't gamble with the stock market these days I'm retired and too old for conservative investing. Best stock tip I ever received was to invest in Intel Corp when it was a penny stock back in Paying to be educated on treading somethings is just wast to fund, it is best to read on your own and follow youtube examples you will be fine on your own.

The most traveled cat is Hamlet, who escaped from his carrier while on a flight. He hid for seven weeks behind a panel on the airplane. By the time he was discovered, he had traveled nearly , miles , km. Im still new to the concept of trading but i do hope someday i will understand more of it.

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It's a completely public and open space to all members of the Steemit community who voluntarily choose to be there. Tools of the Trade ing steem Created with Sketch. Tradingview Tradingview is a site that can show you any chart of just about anything that can be traded, from Apple Stock to just plain apples, and it is a social network where traders share their ideas. Exchanges Bittrex is my favorite, it has most of the good coins to trade, it has some nice trading tools built into charts, good volume, and I haven't really had problems making trades whenever I want to.

News and Currency information www. Whaleclub This place is for margin trading or leverage trading. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post. Qurator Your Quality Content Curator This post has been upvoted and given the stamp of authenticity by qurator. To join the quality content creators and receive daily upvotes click here for more info. Blue-eyed, white cats are often prone to deafness.

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