Gold trading markets and exchanges

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The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc. TOCOM is extending trading hours as follows: Day Session will begin at Night Session will be begin at Deprecates support for Native Stop orders: Contract name format change: Some products will display prior or following month to the contract month.

Sub-Account in FFT3 is no longer required: Risk Account changes to Account. Fill Server Rollover time will now occur at Change and tocom gold options trading are restricted by the exchange for one minute before auction matching except Closing Auction at day session end. Night session will be open for the last business day of December. Gold Tocom gold options trading specification change. Calculation for the Settlement Price for some products. Obtain an ID from the Exchange for the Price connection.

Obtain a separate ID from the Exchange for each Order connection. Obtain the connection IP address and port for the Price and Order connections. Exchange Restrictions The following lists various Exchange restrictions and unique Exchange behavior: This limitation is based on a single pair of Exchange-side Network Gateways.

Each Login User ID is tocom gold options trading to orders per 10 seconds.

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