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December in PC - General Discussion. I really love TERA, but it's never going to be my main game without player housing. For Pete's sake, even ESO is getting housing!

If it would be anything like Garrisons in WoW I would be immediately against it Yet another topic posted in wrong section of forum. Anyways, just saying "we need it cuz other game has it" isn't really saying much, and seems "low effort post" for some people here. It's always better idea to elaborate and add details to pique interest. I mean, players already have something really close to housing; it's called Highwatch, where you have Bank, Broker, NPC merchant, Vanguard Merchant, 3 solo content teleporters in like m away, etc.

Honestly, what is the purpose of housing though? Hun, the game is entering the last year or so of it's lifespan. Don't expect its developers to make it any better. This not something that a older game like Tera needs. The Decreasing population is bad enough. Let's not add in more spaces for people to afk and be anti social in. December edited December I agree it definitely shouldn't be like WoW's garrisons I'd love a space to display all of my mounts, pets, armor I've collected, that sorta stuff.

The benefits are purely social based, in other games you find clusters of friends escaping to their little homes to hang out between other activities. Depending on their interest they will hang out in voice and talk, they will write fan fic stories together, they will go over politics, it is like going over a friends house for lunch or dinner.

It gives them a sense of a home in game, a place where people from over the world can feel more connected to each other. It has little appeal to those tera trade broker empty can test are here mainly for PvE or PvP. Just like PvE where gear gives people a sense of pleasure, housing does the same for social players. Myself I think TERA could stand to grow a lot more on the social aspect, the less the game offers the smaller it gets. If Tera were to get a housing system, I hope that BHS will make the top tera trade broker empty can test content only available for ridiculous quantities of gold e.

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