Scottrade vs. TD Ameritrade: Budget Friendliness or Feature-Rich Experience?

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Join us for a workshop in your area. Join us for a workshop in your area and get practical tips to help you achieve your financial goals.

We welcome Schwab clients and non-clients alike. Learn about investing, financial planning, retirement, and much more by attending td ameritrade options seminar new york of our complimentary seminars in your community. Our events cover a wide range of topics that can help you take control of your financial future. Find out more about seven key investing principles that can guide you in td ameritrade options seminar new york, implementing, and staying on track with your plan.

Learn key estate planning concepts that will enable you to take greater control over your assets and better prepare for a planning conversation with estate professionals. Learn what it takes to plan a retirement that works for you and how Schwab can help. Investing involves risk including loss of principal. Investment strategies cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss in declining markets and may not be suitable for everyone.

Presentations are informational and should not be considered as personalized investment advice or recommendations. Schwab does not provide tax advice. Clients should consult a professional tax advisor for their tax advice needs. Schwab employees are not estate planning attorneys and cannot offer tax or legal advice, or create and prepare legal documents associated with such plans.

Your investments are one part of your overall financial plan. Find out how to address family financial goals, setting priorities and getting organized, savings basics and how to make the most of your relationship with Schwab. Even the best laid plans can be disrupted. As your needs in life change, so does the financial support you require—from investment strategies, to complex wealth management needs, to managing your portfolio.

Join this financial seminar about life events and the financial considerations they raise. We'll discuss obstacles to planning for a sound financial plan and how to help overcome them. How do you stay focused on what's most important to you and those you care most about? A disciplined plan can help. It's never too early or too late for children to begin to grasp the importance of financial concepts. Take the steps needed to manage your td ameritrade options seminar new york.

A well-crafted estate plan can help you take inventory of your assets now and plan for your family's financial future. In this estate planning seminar, you can learn about resources to help you manage your assets during your lifetime, provide direction for distribution of assets and inheritance in the future, and make things easier for those you care about.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. Gain confidence in your investing decisions by understanding the key terms and concepts that can help you get started. Discover why exchange-traded funds ETFs are such a rapidly growing investment option. Find out how you can use ETFs to build a diversified portfolio, or to gain exposure to a particular market segment. Many investors worry about the volatility of the market. Discover how fixed income investments, like bonds, can preserve capital and diversify your portfolio to help protect against market risks.

Join us in this investing seminar to learn why bonds are important, ways to build a fixed income portfolio, and how Schwab can help. Now that you have your portfolio in place, how do you keep it on track? Td ameritrade options seminar new york investing workshop will discuss ways to stay in line with your objectives and to adapt your portfolio td ameritrade options seminar new york the way.

You will learn about steps to take to assess and manage the investment risk in your portfolio. For complete information, including expenses and potential risks, on a specific exchange-traded fund, please call your Schwab representative td ameritrade options seminar new york for a prospectus.

Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. Shares are bought and sold at market price, which may be higher or lower than the net asset value NAV. Fixed income securities are subject to increased loss of principal during periods of rising interest rates. Fixed-income investments are subject to various other risks including changes in credit quality, market valuations, liquidity, prepayments, early redemption, corporate events, tax ramifications and other factors.

A disciplined plan can help you stay focused on your financial goals. Meet the technology that can change td ameritrade options seminar new york way td ameritrade options seminar new york invest. Modern investment advice means having better choices.

Td ameritrade options seminar new york read the Schwab Intelligent Advisory disclosure brochures for important information. You've saved diligently for retirement - now it's time to turn your savings into income. Planning for retirement is about finding ways to live your later years doing what matters most to you. The intensity of this up-and-down market is giving even seasoned traders pause. Learn about tools and strategies that may help you mitigate risk while potentially maximizing opportunities.

Patterns occur naturally all around us—are there discernable patterns in the stock market as well? Explore common td ameritrade options seminar new york and historical data to support, or refute, performance patterns, from the four-year presidential election cycle to specific days of the month.

Explore techniques for applying a technical strategy to ETF trading and discover the variety of ETF-related tools, research, and products available at Schwab. Find out what an Exchange-Traded Fund ETF is, and how they can be used to gain exposure to specific areas of the market. Explore techniques for applying a technical strategy to ETF trading, as well as the variety of ETF-related tools, research, and products available at Schwab.

StreetSmart Edge is our flagship trading platform. In a small group session hosted by a Schwab trading specialist, you'll receive an in-depth tour of its flexible, customizable, and innovative features td ameritrade options seminar new york and see how they align with your workflow to help you move quickly from trade opportunity to action. Find out what options are, how they are valued, and explore the general terms and concepts used in options-related discussions.

Interested in trading but not sure where to begin? We'll explore a few basic aspects of trading that may help you identify how trading might fit into your overall investment strategy and provide some specific resources you can use to learn more about trading. Market volatility is always an important td ameritrade options seminar new york that investors and traders need to contend with when making their trading decisions. Investors can help reduce downside market exposure through the proper use of relatively simple hedging strategies.

This session explores ways to help reduce or limit the market risk of equities trading, through the use of covered calls, protective puts, and collars. This workshop discusses the use of options strategies to help generate income for investors. It will focus on covered call writing and cash-secured put selling. Case studies and examples will be used to demonstrate these strategies.

Discover how Trade Source blends account information with key analytical data to help traders stay on top of the market and current holdings.

Find out how the combined delivery of fundamental and technical data, and incorporation of visual cues, help traders manage their accounts and identify potential opportunities efficiently.

One of the most difficult trading skills to master is knowing when to close out a trade and take profits. In a small group session hosted by a Schwab Trading Specialist, we'll help you learn practical techniques for setting price targets and managing potentially winning trades to help maximize profits.

Developing and enforcing a sound risk management strategy is crucial to trading success, especially in today's volatile markets. In this workshop, you'll learn the benefits and basic elements of risk management, practical techniques for setting fixed and technical analysis-based stop orders to help protect profits and limit losses, and tools available to Schwab clients that can help manage risk. Ever wondered how and why market bubbles form?

Attend this workshop to explore the common characteristics of past bubbles, and get tips for managing exposure and risk during future bubbles. Fine-tune your stock selection strategies by moving beyond the basics. You'll learn how to utilize Schwab's advanced stock screening tools to help narrow your search for potentially better trading opportunities. This workshop will cover a three-step process to help clients select potentially better stocks to trade in any market environment.

To get td ameritrade options seminar new york most out of the workshop, you should have at td ameritrade options seminar new york a basic knowledge of technical analysis.

Find out the underlying philosophy, construction, and performance measures, as well as how to use the ratings to identify potential investment opportunities. Start here to get a basic introduction to technical analysis, including trends, supports and resistance, and technical indicators. Move beyond the basics of technical analysis and learn how to incorporate a systematic method into your trading strategy.

You will learn risk management techniques, how to use Schwab tools to help you identify potential trading opportunities, and how to use charts to help you determine buy-sell signals. Find out why capital preservation is so important in the pursuit of trading profits, and get tips for calculating and managing risk before, during, and after the point of the trade.

Investors in ETFs should consider carefully information contained in the prospectus, including investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. You can request a prospectus by calling Please read the prospectus carefully before investing. Investors should carefully consider information td ameritrade options seminar new york in the prospectus, including investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. You can request a prospectus by calling Schwab at Some specialized exchange-traded funds can be subject to additional market risks.

Investment returns td ameritrade options seminar new york fluctuate and are subject to market volatility, so that an investor's shares, when redeemed or sold, may be worth more or less than their original cost. Futures trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors.

Certain requirements must be met to trade futures. Please read the Risk Disclosure Statement for Futures and Options before considering any td ameritrade options seminar new york transactions.

This offer may be subject to additional restrictions or fees, and may be changed at any time. Options carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Certain requirements must be met to trade options through Schwab. Covered calls provide downside protection only to the extent of the premium received and limit upside potential to the strike price plus premium received.

Please read the options Disclosure Document titled "Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options" before considering any option transaction. Supporting documentation for any claims or statistical information is available upon request. Branch Workshops Join us for a workshop in your area.

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