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SQLite does not use the Git version control system. SQLite uses Fossil instead, which is a version control system that was specifically designed and written to support SQLite. People sometimes ask why SQLite does not use the Git version control system like everybody else.

This article attempts to answer that question. Also, in section 3this article provides hints to Git users about how they can easily access the SQLite source code. This article has been revised multiple times in an attempt to improve clarity, address concerns and misgivings, and to fix errors identified tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the Hacker NewsReddit and Lobsters.

The complete edit history can be seen at https: One could summarize the reason why SQLite does not use Git in a single sentence: The lead SQLite tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the finds Git to be unpalatable. If you like Git and want to use it, that's great.

I do not like Git and would rather use something that I think is better. Git allows you to go backwards in time easily. Given the latest check-in on a branch, Git lets you see all the ancestors of that check-in. But Git makes it difficult to move in the other direction. Given some historical check-in, it is quite challenging in Git to find out what came next. It can be done, but it is sufficiently difficult and people rarely do it. Common interfaces for Git, such as GitHub, do not support the ability.

It is not impossible to find the descendents of a check-in tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the Git. It is merely difficult. For example, there is a stackoverflow page showing the command sequence for finding the descendents of a check-in in unix:.

This command sequence is a lot to memorize and type. One would want to create a bash alias or short shell script if it were used frequently. Furthermore, it is not quite the same thing. The command above gives one a list of descendents without showing the branching structure, which is important for understanding what happened. In contrast, Fossil offers displays such as https: And it is not really about just finding the descendents of a check-in from time to time. The fact that descendents are readily available in Fossil means that the information pervades the web pages provided by Fossil.

Every Fossil check-in information page example shows a small "Context" graph of the immediate predecessor and successors to that check-in. This helps the user maintain better situational awareness, and it provides useful capabilities, such as the ability click forward to the next check-in in sequence. Fossil easily shows the context around a specific check-in example which again helps to promote situational awareness and a deeper understanding of what is happening in the code.

All of the above is possible with Git, given the right extensions and tools and using the right commands. But it is not easy to do, and so it rarely gets done. Consequently, developers have less awareness of what is happening in the code. The complexity of Git distracts attention from the software under development. A user of Git needs to keep all of the following in mind:. Git contains commands or options on commands for moving and comparing content between all of these locations.

In contrast, Fossil users only need to think about their working directory and the check-in they are working on. Every developer has a finite number of brain-cycles.

Fossil requires fewer brain-cycles to operate, thus freeing up intellectual resources to focus on the software under development. One user of both Git and Fossil writes in HN:. Git keeps the complete DAG of the check-in sequence. But branch tags are local information that is not synced and not retained once a branch closes. This makes review of historical branches tedious. The Fossil view clearly shows that the branch was eventually merged back into trunk.

It shows where the branch started, and it shows two occasions where changes on trunk were merged into the branch. GitHub shows none of this. In fact, the GitHub display is mostly useless in trying to figure out what happened.

Many readers have recommended various third-party GUIs for Git that might do a better job of showing historical development activity. Tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the even if those other tools are better, the fact that it is necessary to go to a third-party tool to get the information desired does not speak well of the core system. Git is complex software.

One needs an installer of some kind to put Git on a developer workstation, or to upgrade to a newer version of Git. Setting up a Git server is non-trivial. One could use GitHub, but that introduces another third-party dependency and a centralized service, which mitigate the key advantage of Git which is that it is tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the.

There are various free alternatives to GitHub, such tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the GitLab, but those too have a lot of dependencies and require a lot of server setup. It manages a community server with wiki and bug tracking, provides packaged downloads for consumers, login managements, and so forth, with no extra software required. Less administration means that programmers spend more time working on the software SQLite in this case and less time fussing with the version control system.

Few people seriously dispute that Git provides a suboptimal user experience. A lot of the underlying implementation shows through into the user interface. The interface is so bad that there is even a parody site that generates fake git man pages. Designing software is hard. It takes a lot of focus. A good version control system should provide the developer with assistance, not frustration. Git has gotten better in this regard over the past decade, but it still has a long way to go.

And so, the developers of SQLite plan to continue using a different version control system for now. If you are a devoted Git user, you can still easily access SQLite. This section gives some hints on how to do so. This mirror is maintained by user "mackyle" who is unaffiliated with, and unknown to, the official SQLite development team.

We do not know mackyle, but we observe that he does a terrific job of keeping his mirror current, and so if you want to access the SQLite source code on GitHub, his mirror is the recommended source. The URLs for these downloads are simple and can be incorporated easily into automated tools. The VERSION can be a prefix of the cryptographic hash name of a specific check-in, or the name of a branch in which case the most recent version of the branch is fetched or a tag for a specific check-in like "version At this point you are ready to type ".

Or use a prefix of a cryptographic hash name, or the name of some branch or tag. Additional documentation on Fossil can tag archives binary options wiki the complete guide the found at https: Do not be afraid to explore and experiment. Without a log-in you won't be able to push back any changes you make, so you cannot damage the project. What others say about Fossil and Git. About Documentation Download Support Purchase.

Search Documentation Search Changelog. Git makes it difficult to find successors descendents of a check-in. The mental model for Git is needlessly complex. Git does not track historical branch names. Git requires more administrative support. Git provides a poor user experience.

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