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Though there are many similarities in how SEO is done in different cities around the world this guide gets into detail about a variety of aspects of SEO in Dubai that may be helpful both for do-it-yourself marketers and those looking to get an idea of the competitive landscape of online search in this city.

This is due to several factors. Dubai is also a tech hub in the region and even has areas of the city that are entirely focused on the internet. Despite the awareness of SEO, there is a great deal of stocks with high options volume dubai about best practices and the difference between black hat and white hat Google approved SEO.

Before we start talking about how to rank well in search engines in Dubai. Google is the dominant search engine in Dubai. Below we cover each of the languages that are important in Dubai. Considering the fact that Dubai is a hub for the Middle East and controlled by a great Arab population, Arabic is obviously a key language for search.

Though Emiratis only make up a small portion of the population there are also many other Arab individuals and families from other Arab nations that live in Dubai. In addition to this hundreds of thousands of Arabs come to Dubai each year on vacation from surrounding nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Arabic is the native language of all of these people so for marketers to be truly effective in Dubai they must learn to be good at Arabic SEO.

Given the fact that Dubai is a multicultural city English is probably the most widely spoken language within the city limits. English is a trade language that allows people from all the different nations that reside in Dubai to communicate with each other effectively. English is also one of the official languages of Dubai and most of the advertising within the emirate. In addition to this English is also the most widely used language among tourists to the country of Dubai.

Despite the fact that Dubai is an Arab city, the largest ethnic population in Dubai is actually from India. With that said depending on the type of product or service you offer Hindi may not be worth your time and effort.

This is because many upper-class Indians speak English well and tend to do business mostly in English. On the other hand those who tend to use the internet in Hindi may often times be less likely to be affluent or from the upper-middle-class. Many of the individuals stocks with high options volume dubai are using the internet predominately in Hindi are most likely migrant workers working in low-paying stocks with high options volume dubai like construction or other manual labor positions.

Despite this, if you really want to take advantage of all the opportunities Dubai has to offer in regards to marketing your products and services online you should consider targeting Hindi speakers because they make up such a large portion of the population and have a lot of purchasing power as a group.

Dubai is just across the Gulf from Iran. To add to this Persians were very influential in the building of what has now become modern Dubai. Due to this fact they are still very influential in the business community in Dubai. Urdu, similar to Hindi, is the language of many Indian and Pakistani residents of Dubai. As a language there are far fewer individuals that speak this language than Hindi but it is still an important language stocks with high options volume dubai many of the reasons we mentioned for Hindi.

With this said if you plan to market to Urdu speakers in Dubai stocks with high options volume dubai that most speakers of Urdu are Muslims so your messaging may be different in some cases. Just like in any other market your keyword research is the foundation for your SEO efforts. Since Dubai is a multi-ethnic city you may find that there is a large variety of ways that potential customers search for your products and services. Due to this many businesses find that it can work well to target a wide variety of keywords related to your industry in order to capture traffic from various different demographics in Dubai.

A great deal of time and effort should be put into the keyword research because if it is done correctly your SEO efforts will go much smoother and produce much greater results than if it is done poorly and you select the wrong keywords. If you are targeting local keywords you may want to consider adding keyword modifiers to some of your industry keywords to see how people search for them locally.

Having your keyword research complete, you must take your list of keywords and determine which keywords to focus on, on specific pages of your website. You may already have some existing pages on your site that stocks with high options volume dubai can assign a group of 3 to 4 similar keywords to or you may need to create new pages for certain keywords that the keyword research revealed.

Use the keywords you assigned to each page within the title, URL, and Meta description of the page. Content is extremely important to getting SEO results. Google can have a hard time indexing your website for relevant keywords and variations of those keywords if they do not exist with the content of your site. We are by no means saying to excessively use your target keywords in your content, modern search engines are very savvy so often times using a keyword just a couple of times is enough.

With that said the use of synonyms and words related to your target keywords can help to make it overly clear to Google what your pages and your website are all about. In light of this fact, try to make this content engaging, interesting, and worthy of your visitors time. If your goal is to try to get the visitor to make some sort of an important action on a page like a sale or a sign up remember to include calls to action to drive the visitor towards your desired goal. Getting links from local websites is a signal that your website is also relevant to Dubai.

Here some great examples of the kind of links to look for. This is probably the most neglected area of SEO that can have a very significant impact on how well your website ranks. Many websites find that they do everything right and they are able to climb the ranks to the first position for their target keywords in Google, but within a short time they find that their rankings start dropping again.

This often times has to do with the user experience on the page, though all the other SEO factors can be great, if this one factor is bad it can ruin your ability to rank in the top positions. If you do choose to have a. We looked stocks with high options volume dubai 10 competitive search queries in Dubai and counted the number of. In about half the cases there were zero. In the rest of the cases there were one or maybe two.

In only one case did we find that there were a total of four. The above information appears to indicate that having a. With that said it has been shown in many cases that country code top level domains like.

It may be that because of the relative recency of this domain extension that very few companies have invested in it. But this may change over time. Something that may be of additional interest is the fact that we found that in many cases there were more. This might have to do with the fact that paid advertisers tend to be more internet savvy than many websites that show up in the organic search naturally. Local website hosting is available in Dubai from several different providers.

If you are thinking of hosting locally both for SEO and to improve page load speeds we strongly recommend you make sure your hosting provider actually has servers in the UAE and is not just a reseller of hosting services with servers outside the country.

Google maps optimization is another term for local SEO. Companies in Dubai that have a physical location can benefit from this type of optimization. Maps optimization centers on a few key factors.

Google is going to be looking for the most locally relevant results in your industry but will also look at things like the authority and the relevance of your website to the industry topic you are targeting. In light of this if you can provide extremely relevant informative and valuable content that is related to a topic that concerns Dubai you could also rank for this keyword. Another option for businesses that want to appear in search engines in Dubai in the local search results is getting and address in Dubai.

Next we get into some examples of organic local search results from the view of someone located in Dubai. In the results above we see Google displays a 3-pack of local results. Surprisingly only one of the three results has a significant enough number of quality reviews to get stars to appear next to it.

All the ad spots are filled on the first page of Google so this keyword is a very competitive term for PPC. Even stocks with high options volume dubai we looked at the map results we found there were very few optimized businesses pages in Arabic. This seems like a big opportunity for business who can provide services for Arabic speakers. Saudi Arabia alone has 1 million tourists come to Dubai each year.

This is not to mention all the local Arabs. Below is a snapshot of what we saw in English. Again we see a 3-pack of local search results but in a slightly different format.

There is no map at the top or any website or directions links. The rest of the results that show up below this box are normal website search results. The Arabic search results for the stocks with high options volume dubai search query were again quite different.

See our snapshot of the Dubai search results below. Again we see a case where Arabic local search results in Dubai are much less competitive than the English results are.

Above we see one hotel even has reviews! Local results are losing the 7-pack power they used to have. Mobile Search Results in Dubai are very important with such a large smart phone penetration in the region. Here is a snapshot of one set of results stocks with high options volume dubai a iPhone 6 Plus.

This is not the case for every single industry, but for industries where mobile searches are common and there is a high level of competition it appears that in Dubai paid search is a must. Above we see the results from an Arabic search query for a psychiatrist.

On April 21, Google launched a mobile update to its algorithm which made it so websites that were responsive or mobile friendly would be favored in Google search results over non-mobile friendly websites.

If you plan to get mobile traffic in Dubai we strongly recommend having a mobile friendly site. It appears that the results you will get on mobile vary based on language and industry.

Each company should look at the keywords that are relevant to its industry to determine how they can best effectively show stocks with high options volume dubai for relevant search queries in Google results. Many SEOs think about seasonal opportunities as a great time to take advantage of large spikes in search volume that can be captured around seasonal search queries.

Stocks with high options volume dubai are some of the holidays in Dubai where there can be seasonal search volume spikes for certain goods and services. Getting accepted into news the news results section of Google. There are a few important things to note though about Google news search results in Dubai. Getting images to rank in Google. Alt texts stocks with high options volume dubai key so Google can know what the images are about. The authority and relevance of your website and content around images can also help make the images on your website show up in Google search results stocks with high options volume dubai a variety of keywords.

The one exception to think about with Dubai is that there are certain images that may be censored but this has little to do with how they rank.

Contrary to what many people believe there is no clear evidence that shows social media has a direct impact stocks with high options volume dubai SEO, though it can have a tremendous indirect impact.

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