Best Ways To Invest Rs 1000-5000 Every Month To Get Higher Return

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Day trading, or intra-day trading is when you buy and sell stocks or a stock within a single day. You buy after the market opens at 9. All you need is a functioning internet connection, a trustworthy broker on the phone and some attention. Intra-day trading works based on daily movements of the stocks that are traded in the stock market.

Around 12 noon, you find that the shares are trading at Rs You sell those shares right then and make a profit of Rs 8, The first start trading with 1000 rs you need to become a day trader is an understanding of how the stock market works. You can read my basic guide to begin with and then take some time to watch business channels and observe how political news, oil prices etc affect the way the market functions. This margin account is a bit like a pledge or a surety start trading with 1000 rs it will allow you to buy more shares than your actual capacity to purchase.

The margin money varies depending on how much you want to invest, so make sure you get it clarified before you start. Entry price and exit price: Entry price is the price at which you buy the stock. Exit Price is the price at which you sell the stock. Take the previous example of Company X. Rs will be your entry price and Rs will be your exit price. Perhaps the most important term that you need to learn when it comes to day trading is stop less. However, the market falls and consequently, the share prices.

The share price of your investment goes from Rs to Rs 98 to Rs 90 in start trading with 1000 rs. Defining a stop loss ensures that your holding is automatically sold the moment it hits that price. In this case, if you had defined your stop loss to be Rs 98, your loss would be restricted to Rs 2, When you sell it, he will receive the proceeds, take a small percentage as commission and start trading with 1000 rs the rest to you. Starting small will help you understand the way the market moves and get better at day trading.

You will gain more confidence as you trade and you can up your trades accordingly. It requires you to study the market, do your research and have a watch-list of stocks whose performance you will have to track minutely.

A little bit of patience and reading can make the stock market your oyster. Finally, you need to be aware of a few terms that are used by traders. Knowing these start trading with 1000 rs helps you save time and eliminate confusion. This concludes the stock market series. If you found it useful and would like to learn about another financial concept, do send us an email!

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What do I need to become a day trader? Other things to remember:

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Are you interested in trading or willing to take up trading as a profession? Then this article can be a real inspiration for many aspiring traders of the country. Getting into the stock market and start trading is easy but the main challenge is to make money from stocks. This legendary investor is often referred to as Warren Buffet of India.

This is the story of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala was born in a middle-class family on 5 th July His father was an officer in the Income Tax Department and took immense interest in stocks. One day Rakesh asked his father why the prices of the stocks fluctuate.

Young Rakesh found it very interesting and got fascinated by stocks. This was the first lesson on the stock market which Rakesh Jhunjhunwala received. He decided to take up trading as a profession and told his father about his wish. Rakesh then took up Chartered Accountancy and completed his CA in After completing CA, Rakesh started his career as a trading professional in The BSE Sensex was at then.

Rakesh saw first big success in the following year after he bought 5, shares of Tata Tea at a price of Rs. After 3 months of the purchase, he sold all those shares when the price touched Rs. After , the stock market went into a big depression which lasted till During that period Rakesh Jhunjhunwala earned around Rs. The stock was available abysmally cheap around Rs. There was a projection of a very good growth in profitability in the next year, but nobody seemed to believe it.

Rakesh saw these facts and wanted to invest, but he was short of enough capital. To make up for the short capital, he purchased stocks of Tata Power. He sold off all the stocks of Tata Power when it was trading between Rs. He was able to make around Rs. Rakesh then purchased 4 lakhs shares of Sesa Goa worth Rs.

Rakesh sold about The prices then went further up and he sold the remaining shares. So I had to earn the capital to invest. And I got the capital by doing future trading. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a strong believer in long-term investments. A closer analysis of his portfolio at different times reveals that he has received higher returns from the stocks he held for a considerable longer period of time.

Found this story inspiring? Then do share the inspiration by sharing this post. This man turned his 5, INR into 6, Crore The caption says he started with IRs. Further, in his interview he had stated no gift from Father or Father-in-law. How did he get IRs. Trading 5, shares of Tata Tea was not his first trading experience.

Rather, it was the first major success of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Please read the article once again to clear your confusion. Radhakisan Damani - The man with near perfect investing decisions who also mentored Rakesh Jhunjhunwala conflatingVisions.

Investment strategies of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala conflatingVisions. Make Money in Stock Market - These tips can help you! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.