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Foreign investors are smart and realize the potential Dubai has in it… no other city in the world progressed as rapidly as Dubai did! Just to give u hint at what I am pointing at… Dubai is almost a tax-free city that does not levy any harsh taxes on income or capital gains especially that come from investment in properties of any kind. Now that I have settled where I am going to take this write-up, I will now highlight why Dubai is so lucrative for expats and foreigners who love to visit this city over and over again.

Rental properties have always been a hot favorite of expats working in Dubai to call home for a limited period of time while they work there. Most of them invest their hard-earned money into good share investment in dubai apartments or townhouses depending upon their salaries. As a realtor you must understand this demographic and tap into a location that offers tax-free property investments, garner high rental yield and top-notch capital appreciation from your investment. As a key member of the executive management team at IndiaHomes.

Dubai is a tax-free city which makes it very attractive for people from all over the world to work in Dubai and invest in a rental property during their job tenure there. Since Dubai is a hub city it is easily accessible to the world and has direct share investment in dubai to any major city of the world for easy transportation and travel. Dubai attracts tourists like a magnet!

Most tourists get enamoured by the properties here and tend to purchase rental flats and apartments here in order to expand their period of stay and save exorbitant hotel costs. Since Dubai has a really low crime rate, it is really safe for people with families looking for a rental property to stay in Dubai during their period of stay in the UAE.

Property prices in Dubai are still inexpensive in comparison to other real estate trading hubs around the world. Property investment is the best hedge fundto combat inflation! During inflation, the higher costs of debt servicing normally means additional rent for the inmates, which can spell out as profits for you as a rental property owner or investor.

At such times the higher cost of debt servicing can usually be share investment in dubai on in additional rent, while the value of the property inflates and its debt is unchanged. At least in times of difficulty while selling properties you can make money from renting out properties and earn considerable profits from it over the long term. Rental income never vanishes, the property only gets transferred from one tenant to the other, and the money still comes to you share investment in dubai same or more.

Real estate properties will always have a residual value; property values can never fall to a zero unlike some shares or hedge funds of bankrupt companies. Rental properties on the other hand offer more residual share investment in dubai since it gives you dual income, one from the rent and one from the time you decide to sell the entire property.

Rental property share investment in dubai always a hybrid asset that has the income producing nature of a bond but gives you capital appreciation value like a stock. Since real estate investments in rental properties are tangible and more comprehensive to understand their investment can be controlled according to the nature and timing of the real estate market. One day rents may be low but one smart advertising campaign can double your rent rates if you play smart.

Rental property investment is also safer than office property investment since rental tenants tend to pay rent out of fear of being evacuated but office owners may delay payments citing losses or dropped capital values. If you own the rental property, you can always use it as collateral security against any outstanding loans you may have.

For a realtor, his portfolio speaks volumes! Why not have diversification of properties you can manage show up on paper. This will add to your credibility and help share investment in dubai customers understand better how well you can manage funds.

Make your move now! Play it smart to make share investment in dubai most of Dubai — the wonderland! Modi - I Need a Home Loan! What is the role of digital marketing in real estate transaction sale?

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There are several sectors, and confusingly, each stock exchange has a different set of categories, which in turn are different from how the regulatory authority organises them ESCA - Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority. Go there in the Trade Center building early to join the queue to get an Investor Number. Take a number and come back in a few hours. You'll need a passport copy resident's visa is apparently not necessary , bring original passport also.

Eventually you'll get a card with your investor number for DFM - it'll start with a country code depending on your nationality and then a number. Choose a broker and ask to open an account with them. Do this after since between and there is generally mayhem while markets are trading. Some things to consider are:. Note that the transaction fees for trading are set by the authorities and should not vary amongst the different brokers. See the list of brokers for latest fees information.

Go there to get an Investor Number. You'll need a passport copy maybe with resident's visa , bring original passport also. Eventually you'll get a card with your investor number for ADX - it'll start with a country code depending on your nationality and then a number. Do this after since between and it is fairly chaotic while investors are trading on the markets. For more information on getting started, see the investment forum for beginners or UAE stock forum.

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