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Getting Started with Newsreaders. Current List Of All Newsgroups. The first question potential users sbnews automated binary usenet news retrieval news robot newsgroups usually ask is what is the best newsreader to use. I always recommend freeware newsgroup readers as these applications are usually user-friendly and self-explanatory. Once you get a newsreader application, I highly recommend using my current provider at Newsgroup-Binaries. I've compiled a list below of currently available newsreader applications:.

Agent Forte, Inc - Windows arguably the most popular newsreader. Sbnews automated binary usenet news retrieval news robot both paid and free Free Agent version. NET platform totally written in C.

GrabIt Ilan Shemes - Windows Application for selecting, downloading and the decoding of binary attachments in posts. Halime Imdat Solak - MacOSX public domain newsreader no longer being developed, but is still freely available for download. Another popular newsreader created back in with numerous ways to adjust the screens.

User friendly; has wizard for configuration but does not decode yEnc. Viewing and saving binaries from newsgroups easy, and works transparently across multiple news servers. Also available in French. News Xpress Ken Ng - Windows although no longer be updated, another easy to sbnews automated binary usenet news retrieval news robot news reader.

NewsMole SourceForge - Linux perl newsreader supporting multiple newsservers, yEnc and assembles multipart messages. Powerful but reading of directions is important. Free and paid versions available. Automatically joins multipart postings for easy retrieval, even substituting parts from multiple servers and newsgroups. PCast Right Click - Windows uses newsgroups to find pictures and download them.

When a binary is found, it is automatically decoded back to its original form. Power-Grab SourceForge - Windows bit windows application that allows you to download files from a news server. Offline reading is possible. Xnews Luu Tran - Windows A little trickier to use, but powerful. Supports yEnc and multi-server configurations. Recently added NZB support. Express NewsPictures ExpressSoft - Windows tool for downloading and viewing pictures, audio, sbnews automated binary usenet news retrieval news robot video from newsgroups.

Hogwasher Asar - MacOS offline and online newsreader capable of connecting to multiple news servers. Better suited to users already comfortable with newsgroups.

News File Grabber rsbr Software - Windows lets you download all kinds of binary files photos, movies, pictures, and sounds. Supports many coding schemes including yEnc and can combine multi-part posts.

NewsBin DJI Interprises - Windows application specifically geared toward automated binary newsgroup batch downloading. Supports yEnc and multi-part binary decoding. Newsgroups Pictures Downloader Keronsoft - Windows downloads and presents images from the picture newsgroups.

Powerful but reading of directions for usage important. Progam is shareware and can be used 50 times before having to register. Ozum OzInsight - Windows fully programmable news robot and freeware autoposter. Pluckit The DeKaf Co. Has anti-spam features and fully automatic unattended operation. Supports yEnc and all other message posting formats uuencode, base64, etc. Handles all possible types of attachments: Powerful navigation of downloaded files in full database with the author, date, file size, file type, and subject from the original postings.

UsenetGrab East Bay Tech - Windows has a web-browser-like interface that makes it a great way to get started using newsgroups. Text-based and binary newsgroups available. Google Groups was DejaNews - free newsgroup access to text-only forums no binaries. Excellent search functionality with posts dating back to Info - All rights reserved.

If you have a website you would like added to this directory, please email me at webmaster AT newsreaders. Recommended Newsreader Software Free software: Web based Free Newsreaders The first question potential users of newsgroups usually ask is what is the best newsreader to use.

I've compiled a list below of currently available newsreader applications: Web based newsreaders Usenet-Access.

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Joins multiple newsgroups to better decode broken series of files. Auto-Select and Kill strings. Supports external decoding, validating and post-processing. Images are cataloged by user-defined search lists with filters to deny series, authors, organizations or keywords in the subject header.

Use TIFNY to navigate the newsgroups, hands-free, and discover it's photographic treasures while automatically filtering unwanted spams, offensive postings and cross-postings.

Be sure to download and run the Support Files 1. Will run on NT 4. Lanacom HeadLiner for Netscape. Lanacom HeadLiner is the best way to deliver and organize your choice of news and information from the web. HeadLiner is a client-based application that utilizes Content Agents to extract key information from web sites. This key information -- news headlines, stock quotes, weather etc. NewsMonger finds the handful of articles, out of the , posted each day, that you need to see.

Configure NewsMonger to notify you when articles are discovered that match your search criteria. Keep watch over your company's domain name, products and trademarks or follow emerging "hot topics". From keeping an eye on the competition to monitoring your own postings, NewsMonger is an essential tool for any organization active on the Internet. For more info, check the NewsMonger Home Page. Agent Helper v 5.

Written in Windows 95 help format, simply double click the help file, open your copy of Agent, size both so you can view them at the same time, and follow the step by step instructions. Full screen shots of all menu functions, user setup options, and general usage guidelines are at your fingertips!

This program will help new users and veterans alike, simple yet effective. For more info, check the Agent Helper Home Page.

The Binary News Assistant. Retrieve binary articles from one or all subscribed newsgroups, Apply filters to retrieved headers to selectively flag articles for retrieval, You can build a group of filters that will find only the articles that match your specific criteria, and then have the application pull down only those articles, MultiSense technology to aggressively filter out multi-part posts with missing sections, so you don't waste your time downloading binaries that can never be put back together, Decode all articles into their binary equivalents either all at once, or on-the-fly as they are retrieved from the news server, and View JPEG images immediately as they are retrieved and decoded on your hard drive.

There are a wealth of bells and whistles, including a built in JPEG viewer, Dupe-Checking capabilities, logging, and some miscellanious statistical functions.

Free technical support via email until 90 days after the release of Agent 1. Basic email functionality the ability to send and receive email. User-defined folders for mail and news. Kill and watch filters. Message sorting by thread, subject, author, date, or size. Ability to skip or sample long messages. Import email messages from Pegasus and Eudora. Progress indicator for downloading headers, bodies and attachments. Improved mouse button behavior consistent with Win Decoding of uuencoded binary attachments from email.

For more info, check the Agent Home Page. One of the most popular Windows offline news readers now available in a bit version. This is the scaled-down version of Forte Inc's Agent news reader, yet is fully functional with no nag screens.

See Forte Inc's web site for a list of the extra features contained in Agent. For more info, check the Free Agent Home Page. Sig Manager works with Forte's Agent newsreader to help manage and automatically update your signature. Features include a larger editor, headers and footers, and automatic signature switching for a unique.

For more info, check the Agent. Sig Manager Home Page. A multimedia news client which provides screen savers, desktops, and animations which do not intrude upon your desktop. This uses your idle time to retrieve data so as not to eat your bandwidth while surfing. For more info, check the Backweb Home Page. PictureAgent is an NNTP client dedicated to scanning usenet newsgroups for pictures and downloading and uudecoding them directly to your disk. PictureAgent is unique in that virtually no user interaction is required.

For more info, check the PictureAgent Home Page. For more info, check the Pointcast Home Page. The program may be run minimized and will run concurrently while you are using your web browser, mail system, news readers or other internet applications. For more info, check the Picture Sucker Home Page. A strong contender to Agent for best newsreader. It has kill-files, filtering, sorting, inline image viewer and built it support for UUencode, UUdecode, and Base Proxy News Filter scans Usenet article headers, in the background, for user-defined keywords.

If it finds a matching article it will be send to your e-mail address. A Smart Newsreader that will learn your interests and sort articles accordingly. It also has an incredible "object" oriented feature to allow you to launch multiple apps out of your news articles.

For Windows 95 and NT! For more info, check the bit News Home Page. For more info, check the Virtual Access Home Page.