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However, while it's beloved of youngster in playgrounds all over the world, it's a game of surprising tactical depth and complexity, which has led to many fans simply collecting the cards rather than playing with them. This won't give you all the intricacies of the game, but it's a good starting point to get you on your way to understanding the mechanics. So, for example, you will find both Fire and Psychic cards for Salazzle. Energy cards are key.

You can have any amount of Basic Energy cards in your deck, but there are also Special Energy cards, which you can only have 4 of each kind. There are multiple different kinds of Trainer cards that can be used. First are Item cards; these typically have simple effects and you can use any amount of them per turn. Next are Supporter cards. These cards are based on characters from the games and other prominent pokemon trading card online store and have a useful effect such as allowing you to manipulate your hand.

You pokemon trading card online store play one of these per turn. Finally, there are the Pokemon trading card online store cards. When you attack, your turn ends so make sure you have done everything you want to do before attacking. You can also pokemon trading card online store the turn without attacking either by your choice or through the effects of pokemon trading card online store cards. This means you don't have to go way back to get cards with certain effects.

In official competitive play, there are two different formats:. Standard Format - This is the main format and rotates every year. At time of writing, all card sets from XY BreakThrough pokemon trading card online store are legal.

New sets get allowed in Standard on the third Friday of the month the set was released in. Same goes for three weeks after a Promotional Card is released through various means. Like Standard, it does rotate in time, but it is far more flexible. With the two formats, it keeps the game fresh and stops players relying on specific strategies. For example, Shaymin EX from Roaring Skies was legal in Standard Format from up until September and was a staple of so many decks, but now that it cannot be used in Standard, players have to look for new strategies.

You can find a banned card list on the official site. For full details on the rules, check out the official site here and here. Deck building is something for which perfect advice simply doesn't exist. Each deck depends on your style of play, whether you want to be a more offensive player or more strategic. When making a deck, you need to think about what you want to do with it. Focus on just a few species or evolution chains and work from there.

There are lots of resources around the Internet that can help with team building, but it's often situational and there is no such thing as a "perfect" deck. A good way to get started is to find one of the many Trainer Kits you can find, such as the current Alolan Raichu Vs.

These kits are designed for people who are totally new to the game and provide two 30 card decks which are ordered in a perfect way to showcase how to play the pokemon trading card online store, with all the rules and various effects. Please note that some of the links pokemon trading card online store this page are affiliate links.

If you pokemon trading card online store them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale which helps support the site. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information. There are also Theme Decks. These are a step up from the Trainer Kits in that they are fully fledged decks which mean you can get started right away, but they are typically not of much competitive value.

You'll need to invest on booster packs to obtain rare cards, a process which is costly and time consuming. However, if you're simply interested in having fun with friends and don't want to play at a competitive level, then Theme Decks are a good place to begin. Pokemon Sun and Moon Booster Pack. While playing with friends is fun, there are lots of local tournaments being held in card shops around the globe, not to mention the official Play!

However, there is another way. Here, you can build decks using virtual cards and play with other players around the world. It's a great way of getting into the game and testing to see if your strategies will work. Hopefully this taster guide has given you some idea about how to get started though, and there's always scope for more detailed guides in the future - so let us know what you think by posting a comment below.

Let me be the pokemon trading card online store and probably only people to note that the japanese cards are 3X better. Unfortunately local leagues seem to have a problem with them The Sun Pokemon trading card online store trainer kit is really bad. Not in a "not competitive" way but whoever pulls Raichu first wins way. But there are so, so many of them, and if I'd collect them, I'd want to have all of them, and that's just impossible at this point with how many different cards there are, not to mention the various variants and probably a whole bunch that never came out outside of Japan.

I envy the folks who have been able to keep a mostly complete collection thus far, I can only imagine it would be an absolutely massive and beautiful collection. Yosher This is me in a pokemon trading card online store. I'd love to attempt to keep on top of them, but with the amount they release on an annual basis, it's just too much of a time-consuming and expensive hobby for me.

I do find myself purchasing a few packs or themed decks here and there, however. Nothing like the element of surprise! Great piece though, I'll be sure to come back to this should I ever want to delve into actually playing! I like PTCG but haven't played at all for few years. I'm currently more of a fan of the Japan exclusive Fire Emblem Cipher. I got my oldest into them as a stepping stone to Magic the Gathering. He played Pokemon trading card online store for a little and still does when family members are around and playing.

It never accomplished what I wanted it to as he really doesn't like either Pokemon or Magic. However, my youngest pokemon trading card online store is fully into Pokemon. He enjoys collecting more than playing but loves to play when others are available. He'll also jump online every once and a while. We typically don't build our own decks because our collection is erratic. We never seem to have enough of the same Pokemon to pokemon trading card online store a deck work Once you have a nice size collection of them, it's fun to just randomly pick one and start a match.

My nephew actually goes to local tournaments and pre-releases so he often tells my son which of his cards are valuable or good for trading. Pokemon trading card online store like Magic, it never ends! It's not like the early days of collectible card games where the same cards could be found in different sets so finding them was realistic.

Now, you need to buy online or buy 6 booster boxes in order to find the cards you need for a deck; and by the time you do that, the next set came out! Love the card game. Just recently got back into it. It is expensive if you want a competitive deck just FYI, but once you get playsets of the staple trainer cards energy is cheap and plentiful all you'll need to do is get the Pokemon after that to have multiple deck builds.

Also don't even bother with booster packs, booster boxes, etc. If you're actually playing the game buying singles is wayyyyyyyyy cheaper. I would recommend a theme deck that fits your fancy and an elite trainer box to get started and pokemon trading card online store from there with singles.

Kalmaro Power creep is an issue with pretty much ever TCG. What ruined this game for me, is simply there are much better TCGs out there, mechanically. I played Pokemon TCG when it first game out, and stopped a couple years later. I revisited a couple years ago, and played with my brother and some of his friends. It was fun, but after the initial fun wore off, I was left with a pretty boring game In my opinion outside of the art and nostalgia I had for the Pokemon themselves.

Also note that GX battle boost has over numbered cards but max 70 per booster box, with lots of reprints. But then you see that new Lillie and Eevee and you pre-order a box on Ami Ami. Meanwhile I'm going to try and collect everything by Yuka Morii if I can. The way me and my younger brother did it though was we bought a bunch of booster boxes and put in the work and research of selling a ton of stuff on eBay.

That was fun in and of itself for about a year, but then it became too much of a hassle, took up too much space, etc If I continue to play, it will definitely just be by pokemon trading card online store singles to make one good deck. An easy way to learn the basics would be by playing the online game Personally I just collect the physical cards my aim is to collect the entire Pokedex in card form but do still play the online game a little I like games where they have rare cards that you can work for.

I don't like games where they have rare cards that you have to drop hundreds for just to have a chance of getting one. That and the power creep is so fast, you HAVE to keep buying cards so fast to keep ahead. Plus, they keep outlawing older cards in tournaments. I have a couple competitive decks my girlfriend and I play with she hasn't gone pokemon trading card online store a tournament yet but I'm trying to get her pokemon trading card online store go haha.

One of the biggest issues I've seen in theme decks is pokemon trading card online store lack of good trainer cards. They are the engine of decks and they should be the main focus. Once you've got playsets of those you're golden. Kalmaro I'm in the same boat. I've played the TCGO, and it's okay, but it's an investment as well if you actually want to get competitive desks.

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Getting Started So you're a new player and have some tokens and you don't know how to spend them? This is the place for you then. It's highly recommended for you to save and buy a couple theme decks to start off with. Each theme deck contains a set of cards with some minor synergy connection between the cards in mind. They're not just randomly added unlike booster packs. Collection wise, theme decks contain 5 rare cards so in theory it's like buying 5 booster packs.

On top of it all, if you beat 12 different AI trainers, you unlock a booster pack from that Theme Deck's era. What does this mean? That's a 6 pack value for tokens! The same goes for the other decks. Which Theme Deck should I buy first? In the past year the Theme Deck "Dark Hammer" has been the critically-acclaimed Theme Deck of choice to purchase, but due to the Rotation, this Theme Deck has been rotated out of the in-game store as it was a Theme Deck released with the Furious Fists expansion.

Battle Ruler is recommended as it's a heavy hitter, and can net you many wins in Versus Mode. I just don't enjoy playing these Theme Decks.

What do I do? Just focus on whatever deck you like, there's too many types and styles. Not everybody plays to be the very best, but some do. For now let's talk a bit about the decks that fare better. Top 3 decks to buy: These are the backbone of most decks. All Theme Decks you obtain, you can use all the cards inside for custom deck-building as well for other Formats. What's a filler Pokemon? Take for instance the older Theme Deck: Now think you're in a tournament.

Your first and only Pokemon is: You draw a couple of cards over the next few turns getting no other Pokemon to play. You will eventually lose. I would then thin my deck by using it's attack: Finding Ice, and power up my Pokemon on the bench, with them ready to win the match for me afterwards.

Never forget that after a certain amount of time, your odds in Theme Deck matches are always based more on luck. Now personal stories aside, All decks have filler Pokemon, but the less there are, the better the deck is. I own all 3 decks now, what should I buy next? Depending on how you want to continue playing the game. Some people are satisfied with playing Theme Deck their entire Pokemon playing career, while some others want to move on to a more competitive format.

Such as Standard, or Expanded. These 2 expansion sets have the most viable cards needed to construct a very good deck ready to dominate the current Meta.

Remember all packs bought in the in-game shop with Tokens are trade-locked. What is trade locked? Trade locked cards have a little lock icon next to them, indicating they're unavailable for trade. Just to make it even clearer: So is the only thing I can do with Tokens is use them for the shop?

No, tokens are also used for tournaments. Tickets are used for tournaments that have trade-able booster packs.

These booster packs can be used to open to expand your collection. If you are very new, I would recommend looking out for a theme deck ticket tournament in the Events tab, as everyone in that tournament must use a theme deck, thus leveling the playing ground for players.

So how do I get cards I want without spending millions of Tokens on Packs? You keep trade-able packs, and use them as currency. Remember that some packs are worth more than others, along with each card on the game having a defining price as well based on rarity, and how easy it is to obtain. Can you give me some sort of strategy on how to utilize my time wisely? I suggest you complete Tutorial first, along with the Trainer Challenges. It will help you adapt to playing the game at a faster pace over time, so when you jump into Online Versus, you won't be overwhelmed.

Follow up by participating in Theme Deck Tournaments that cost 89 Tokens to enter. Do your best, and stockpile the most Tickets you can. Do your best again, and now stockpile the Packs you win.