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Kind code of ref document: Computer system for safeguarding a capital gain on a stock in which a target value is set for a gain or yield on a stock or security that can be revised upwards each time the stock reaches the target. Finally means are included for generating a sell note when the calculated gain or yield is smaller than a new target gain value and does not lie within a tolerance band.

An Independent claim is made for a method for safeguarding capital gains of stocks and securities. As profit-taking sales of equity or securities investors are called, which secure the gains achieved after a price increase, that want to convert to cash coins.

Currently, it is common for banks or brokers to agree a fixed stop price, and that too limited in time usually. Bei steigenden Aktien- bzw.

With rising equity or securities prices that must permanently by initiative of the bank or broker-customer or equity securities investors or adapted by respective consulting the bank or broker with the customer. Erfolgt keine Anpassung und fallen die Aktien- bzw. No adjustment and the fall of share and asset prices back up to the fixed stop price back, the sale of equity or securities will also be triggered only. This meanwhile reached book profits are not considered. The present invention is thus based on the object to secure gains without the need for consultation with the customer and without costly initiative of the customer.

Wertpapiergattung, wenn die berechnete Rendite kleiner als das neue Renditeziel ist und nicht innerhalb eines Toleranzwertes liegt. When the calculated rate of return is less than the new target return security class and not within a tolerance value.

For the period under consideration is then placed on the time of purchase or the first time of purchase. Furthermore, by the inventive process, a stop-rate through a maximum rate of progress, after a return target has been reached, if minus a tolerance value. Furthermore, this object is achieved by a computer program with program code means to carry out a method according to any one of claims 16 to 24 when the program is run on a computer. Furthermore, this object is achieved by a computer program with program code means according to claim 25, stored on a computer-readable data carrier.

In the computer system that the means are adapted to output an indication for sale so that the notice is issued only when a predetermined time interval has elapsed after the purchase may be provided. It may also be envisaged that the means for calculating the yield, and comparing the calculated return to the return target means for calculating an annualized return, wherein the means for calculating an annualized return are designed so that for terms that are less than one year are either the yield is calculated with respect to the purchase price of the purchased stock or type of securities or the average annual rate of return.

According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, the computer system is provided with means for calculating a stock or index of securities for the stocks and shares a customer deposits, wherein the means for calculating a security index are designed such that the index profile in a purchase or sale of a stock or security is continuous, and wherein the means for calculating the yield, and comparing the calculated return to the return target to access the index curve are designed as a test criterion.

The predetermined minimum corresponds to a so-called stop-loss rate for limiting losses. If a taxable period is considered an indication for sale sell signal is only issued for a profit-taking when has elapsed since the purchase of the relevant share or the relevant security a predetermined time interval, ie the speculative period.

According to a further particular embodiment of the invention, the computer system having means for checking whether a predetermined minimum rate of progress has been achieved, and provided means for outputting a sale signal when the minimum has been reached. In a further particular embodiment of the invention, the computer system is provided with data base means for the input of, and optionally storage of the following information regarding a security: Wertpapier-Index, Examination of the return target based on a stock or securities index, Maximum des Kursverlaufs, nachdem das Renditeziel erreicht worden ist, Maximum of the share price performance after the return target has been reached, vorgegebenes Minimum des Kursverlaufs, predetermined minimum rate of progress, Beachtung einer Spekulationsfrist, wobei die Mittel zur Bestimmung eines Maximums des Kursverlaufs zum Zugriff auf die Datenbankmittel ausgebildet sind, um ein Maximum des Kursverlaufs abzuspeichern.

To comply with a holding period, wherein the means for determining a maximum of the rate curve are formed for accessing the database means to store a maximum of the rate gradient. Furthermore, it can be provided that the means are components of a computer. Conveniently, a server computer for providing equity securities prices and a server computer are provided for the issuance of sell orders that are connected over a network to the computer. Alternatively, it can be provided that the computer system is provided with: That the administrator can enter the user of its group of users and their access rights of a user input means for a user group as an administrator, said means being adapted to store this way.

Means for generating worklists based on the processing status for each of the users. Vorteilhafterweise sind die Mittel Bestandteil eines Server-Computers. Advantageously, the means are part of a server computer. In diesem Fall kann das Computersystem von verschiedenen Finanzdienstleistern, wie z. In this case, the computer system of various financial services such. Asset management companies or banks, are used.

The ASP server computer preferably has a database system that supports internal communication, communication with the customer and the necessary administrative procedures.

According to a preferred embodiment of the invention, such a database system offers the possibility of the master data from different companies, that is, for example, to capture investment consulting companies and banks. Des weiteren dient dieses Datenbanksystem zur. Erfassung der betreffenden Mitarbeiter und deren jeweiligen Zugriffsrechten. Erfassung the staff concerned and their respective access rights will be used this database system.

Vorzugsweise hat zumindest ein Mitarbeiter einer Firma die Rolle eines "Firmen-Administrators", welche dem betreffenden Mitarbeiter unter anderem das Recht gibt, Mitarbeiterdaten einzugeben und Zugriffsrechte zuzuordnen. Preferably has at least one employee of a company the role of a "business administrator", which gives the employee concerned including the right to enter employee information and assign access rights. The company administrator is then entered by an administrator of the ASP server computer.

Further, in the database system the master data of customers and deposit data and the parameters for the protection of the system are preferably contract data, ie yield target, tolerance, stop-loss price, etc, which are determined by agreement between end users and consultants regarding individual securities detected.

Every customer and every contract is a team of users of the company concerned, that is a two-tuple of users assigned. This assignment determines the jurisdiction of the processing example of sell signals. According to a further preferred embodiment of the invention, a work list is generated for each user, wherein the generation of the working list, based on the contracts and the customer associated status information is based.

So the database system allows an effective computerized workflow for customer and contract administration. Internally, the fact that registrations always have at least two states follows: Ist ein Vorgang nur angemeldet, so befindet sich dieser Vorgang zwar in der Datenbank, wird aber nicht vom System bearbeitet. Is an operation just logged on, this process is indeed in the database, but will not be processed by the system. Once an operation is confirmed, it can also be edited by the system.

For example, if a consultant has a first client meeting, it reports this to the master data of the customer. In this first customer meeting, for example, fund investments offered. In general, this consultation will be followed by a request for completion of a fund investment, which must be confirmed in a further step. Der Berater meldet nun die Kundenstammdaten im System an. The advisor now informs the customer master data in the system. This will get "registered" the addition and can be accessed eg for sending general product information.

After signing this customer master data is the company administrator in the system, with a request for inspection as well as a confirmation request for his part, reported. From this time, this customer also contracts, etc. The customer will be as long as the listed company administrator and request for further confirmation until it performs the confirmation.

In this workflow, the consultant can also print out the necessary forms for the customer. Hiermit gilt der Vertrag als beantragt, dh dieser wird als solcher in der Datenbank gekennzeichnet. Herewith the contract is sought, namely it will be marked as such in the database.

Such an application is signed by the consultant and the client and legally only through a third signature of the company administrator. The company administrator must also confirm the proposed contract in the system next to the signature.

From this point, he confirmed contract is monitored in the database. If a contract is terminated by the customer as the agent or representative will sign this notice in the system. This cancellation will appear with request for confirmation at the associate consultant who confirmed the cancellation. Im Prozess der Anmeldung durch den Sachbearbeiter kann ein Formbrief ausgedruckt werden, der dem Berater zur Unterschrift vorgelegt wird. In the process of registration by the clerk a form letter can be printed, which is presented to the consultant for signature.

With confirmation of the termination of the corresponding contract will be deleted from the database. Wird durch das Computersystem ein Verkaufssignal generiert, dh die Fondsanteile als zu verkaufen markiert, so wird dieses dem Sachbearbeiter durch das System gemeldet.

By the computer system generates a sell signal, ie the fund units marked for sale, this, the person responsible will be reported through the system. The agent or consultant will print the appropriate form for the customer notification and the present sales order stored digitally and submit it to the account representative for signature.

Die entsprechende Verkaufsorder wird durch den Sachbearbeiter angemeldet. The corresponding sales order is signed by the clerk. This registration will be confirmed by the consultant and initiated the sale. Deleting an employee consultant have associated contracts ie contracts between customers and consultants containing the security parameters for a plant can be assigned a different employee.

To this end, the deletion of the employees is as long inhibited until each contract is assigned to another consultant. In general, contracts and customers are supported by teams. Teams sind Paare von Mitarbeitern einer Firma, die sich aus einem Berater und einem Sachbearbeiter zusammensetzen. Teams are pairs of employees a company composed of a consultant and an agent. Diese Teams sind jedem Vertrag und Kunden zugeordnet.

These teams are assigned to each contract and customers. Any change in status of a customer or a contract will be logged by changing the attributes of the corresponding object.

This ensures that can be tracked at any time, who has caused certain status changes. By the ASP - approach, affiliated companies or consultants each require only a small infrastructure computer, browser, Internet connection to work with this computer system.

In addition, several employees users of the computer system may be used individually in parallel on the same customer and contract portfolio or work as a team. Thus it can be ensured that different members of a team can perform tasks efficiently in an abundance of contract applications or contract cancellations. It is further ensured by mapping the flow of work of the consultant that the contracts concluded with the customer are represented as closely as possible by the database content.

The selected ASP approach is particularly advantageous, because the connected consultants or firms shall have only an insignificant infrastructure to be connected to this system to be able to. Furthermore, participants can log on to the system from any location prerequisite Terminal Internet connection.

In addition, it is possible also to give access to the current portfolio assets, reaching the end customer returns the connected consultants. Besonders vorteilhaft sind dabei ferner die folgenden Aspekte: The different combinations of the contracts allow for greater flexibility in the schedule of the client's assets.

Furthermore, these safety parameters are not limited in time as is customary.