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The Great people are the elite and the ruling class of your empire. Every empire has its own Great people - an emperor, nobles, members of the Imperial court, who are at different ruling posts. These people are imperia online destroy trading post and in their turn die, imperia online destroy trading post new people appear to replace them. In the building Palace you can see all your nobles. You can marry them to other people and in this way you can sign dynasty peace treaties with other players.

The Medicine technology increases the lifespan of your Great People. Every user starts the new era with automatically generated family that includes the Emperor, the Empress, their first-born heir and an infant. The royal family of each player has a family tree, which depicts 4 generations and consists of the direct descendants of the imperial couple - children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The member of the Imperial family tree can enter into marriages with members imperia online destroy trading post the Imperial family or nobles form the imperial court of another player, i. When the emperor dies, his successor automatically becomes the first-born child of the Imperial couple. However, you may choose to select the empress, one of the grand-children or one of the noblemen or a more distant relative as a successor.

The heir ascending the throne can be also appointed automatically by the system. If you choose to crown one of the noblemen or the other relatives, there will be a change in the Imperial family tree as well, unless you appoint a member from the royal family.

The heir disposes of one hereditary trait which is exclusive to him and no one else can acquire it. Every Great Person after turning 16 years old can marry someone and after that have up to 4 children born.

The members of the family tree cannot enter into marriage with each other with their relatives. Once a marriage is settled it is irreversible. This means that when a user marries one Great person to another there is no way this marriage can be cancelled. The Great people who have the necessary age for marriage are colored in yellow, and those to whom they can marry - in blue.

The color is visible when you click on their portrait. Every user can send his Great people to enter into marriage in other empire. Signing of marriages means declaration of peace between the two empires and strengthening of the bonds.

You can send single Great people if they: In this queue there are 3 slots altogether. When one proposal is declined, a next proposal between both empires is forbidden for the next 12 hours. The player can ignore the marriage proposal. The marriage proposal is considered ignored 12 hours after it was sent and no further action - either acceptance or rejection, was taken by the receiver.

As a result of the passive ignore, no dynasty marriage is allowed between the two empires for another 12 hours.

The peace between dynasties finishes peacefully when the Great people who have been sent abroad and all their successors die. All relatives of such a person must die so that the peace ends. Peace is broken upon spy activities and attack between both imperia online destroy trading post.

The empire which broke the peace with sending an attack or spy mission bears the following consequences:. When user B breaks the dynasty peace with user A, A bears the following consequences: The user A and user B have concluded dynasty marriage.

B sees the spies of A in counter-espionage tab and when clicking on the button to catch the spies, the dynasty peace is considered broken. A takes the specified penalties.

Keep imperia online destroy trading post mind that the punishment with 4 Honor points for Pillage attack always applies. The Nobles are Great People from the nobility of the empire who earned fame in battle or in society. They can enter the Imperial Court only after the player approves them. There are 8 places in the Court for such Nobles. Leveling up with one level allows to add Nobles.

The Nobles can be released to open up space for new ones. The user can kick out members from the list Imperial Court all accepted Nobles regardless of the level of the Palace and thus he can make room for new members. The Nobles can marry members of the Imperial Family. Nobles that are only part of the Imperial Imperia online destroy trading post cannot succeed the Emperor. Common citizens from around the empire have the chance to become Nobles.

The system suggests men and women who can be added to the Imperial Court. The names of the Great People include given name and surname, generated automatically by the system. Imperia online destroy trading post marrying to her imperia online destroy trading post, a woman takes his family name. There is an exception for Arabic realms where women retain their surname. If for a successor of the emperor is chosen one of his sons or a nobleman, then his children will always bear his surname.

If the daughter of the emperor imperia online destroy trading post a noblewoman had been married to a Noble or a member of the Imperial Family before she was appointed Crown Heir, then her children will have the family name of their father. The palace is the place where all Great People live. It can be built only in the Capital. In this building you can find information about every Great person in the empire and an archive of previously ruled emperors. The special bonuses the Imperial family gives are also available from there.

From the palace you can appoint governors and generals, you can raise their levels of experience and can order marriages and choose heirs. The basic price for the building is wood, iron and stone. The highest possible level is Every next level increases the maximum number of Nobles in the Imperial court.

From the Palace, the players have the opportunity to create and develop their own royal family and appoint noblemen on different positions. There are two additional wings which can be built in every palace: Gubernatorial Headquarters and Headquarters. Unlimited number of governors can be trained at the same time. The 1st level of the building requires Palace level 1. The highest level you can build is At the beginning every governor has 1st level experience and the gubernatorial headquarters are at level 0.

The player can raise the level of experience of his governors by gathering points from the time they are at the post or by paying for their training. In order to provide paid training the user needs to build the Gubernatorial headquarters. If the player wants to train a governor from 1st level to 2nd level, he must have level 1 of the building. For further upgrade of his governors, he needs higher level of the building.

The governor is a Great person who is entitled to govern a province, a colony or a trading post. Every Great person can be appointed for governor only to one province, colony or trading post. The Great person can take such a post when he attains his majority. The emperor, who by default is the governor of the capital, cannot be appointed as such to other provinces, colonies or trading posts.

The governor can be entitled Offensive or Warden General. One and the same Great person can be at the same time a governor and a general of the same province or colony. On the other imperia online destroy trading post, he cannot be a Governor and Warden General at two imperia online destroy trading post places and cannot be appointed a Warden General for more than one place. The experience of governor starts to amass from the appointment on the post.

The governors gain points for their governing time. One experience point is earned for 1. The highest experience a governor can achieve is The emperor has a bonus imperia online destroy trading post this limit - he can reach up to 30 experience levels. The experience of governor is only earned while the Great person is on the post.

If the player did not appoint him to the position or the Great person imperia online destroy trading post into battles in this time, no experience is acquired. Unlimited number of generals can be trained simultaneously. The fist level of the building requires Palace level 1. At the beginning all generals have 1st level experience and imperia online destroy trading post headquarters are at level 0.

The player can raise the level of experience of his generals by gathering points by leading battles or by paying for their training. In order to provide paid training the user needs to construct the Headquarters. If the player wants to train a general from 1st level to 2nd level, he must have level 1 of the building. For further upgrade of his generals, he needs higher level of the building. To be appointed for general the Great person must have come of age.

There are two types of generals:. There can be only one Warden General in the same province, colony or military post. A Great person can be a governor and Warden General for one and the same province or colony. A Great person can be both a Warden General and offensive general. A Great Person can take imperia online destroy trading post post of Governor and Warden General in the same holding and governor and offensive general in different holdings at the same time.

After the attack is finished and the Great person returns, his defensive bonuses will be in effect again.

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This is a basic limit. The higher the development, the net worth points and the number of diamonds spent for instant research, the higher the limit gets. You recruit one group of swordsmen for 6 hours and then another group for 6 hours.

Diamonds transfer - transferring purchased diamonds from one realm to another, part of your global account, where you log into with the same username and password. Happiness is calculated and updated in real time. Its daily modifiers, bonuses and deductions from taxes are estimated each minute and take effect immediately.

The main effect of Happiness is emigration. If your points are below , you will always run in population losses, if points are above , population will not immigrate to your empire. You will find information about losses of population in Farms. The main negative effect of low Happiness is the rise of riots, rebellions and emigration. The bigger the amount of Happiness is in one province, the happier the population becomes and the likelihood of riots, rebellions and emigration to appear gets lower.

Only the working population pays taxes. Tax income is recalculated each time the tax rated is changed, so gold income and effect positive or negative on Happiness are accounted immediately. Gold income and Happiness loses are estimated every minute. Equal parts of gold are given according to the current number of working population, not the number at the moment of setting the tax rate, so population growth as well as killed population in case of an enemy pillage are taken into account.

There are 6 tax rates, each with a different effect on the Happiness, as it follows. Each player can withdraw loans from the bank. All loans are returned for hour period by paying equal amounts every minute.

There is also an option for prepayment of the loan. The amount to pay off in this case is the remaining amount - no penalty interest accounted. When a loan is paid off, a new one can be taken right away.

After successful research of the first 3 levels of Banking, the following bank loans become accessible:. Every user has the option for depositing his gold in the bank after he has researched level 5 of Banking. In this way the deposited amount will accrue an interest for the owner. The smallest possible amount is gold and the highest - 50 Gold can be deposited for 16 or 48 hours.

During vacation mode, this period is frozen and continues after turning the vacation mode off. Up to 10 deposits are allowed. The sum of all deposits must not be higher than 50 gold. The interest is calculated and acquired after the maturity date of the deposit. The deposited gold is subject to looting by enemy attacks. An option that can be activated from one task in the Tutorial and is also available for all players under points from the battle reports. The option expires automatically when the account reaches net worth points or when hours from the activation have passed.

Accounts under beginner protection cannot be attacked. If you send an attack, your Beginner protection will be terminated. This means that other players will be able to attack you. Players in beginner protection appear with baby carriage icon in ranking. An option that can be activated by every player but only during holidays previously announced by Imperia Online team and for limited periods determined by Imperia Online.

While activated, the account cannot be attacked neither can send attacks. Meanwhile, the account can be accessed, buildings can be constructed, researches can be ordered, army can be recruited etc. All attacks sent to the respective Empire before the activation will still be performed. Forbids all attacks towards your empire.

If there is an attack that is already sent to your empire, even if you activate the Vacation mode, the attack will be completed. All constructions and research will continue building. The Vacation mode must be active for at least 48 hours. To use this service diamonds are required. The protection which every Emperor, who has got back to his Empire from an absence of at least 2 weeks, receives automatically upon logging into his account.

Forbids all attacks to and from the Empire. Strict duration - 48 hours. Legal help from a friend with your economic development. You can babysit four different accounts and have 4 players by your own choice babysit your account.

The babysitters log into your account with their user name and their password, so there is no need for you to give your password to anybody any time. The babysitting settings can be changed at any time, at your own discretion. Sixteen special buildings which can be built by all players who have already reached 25th level of Architecture.

A player can build levels of more than one special building but he can own only one wonder, meaning that if he reaches the highest level in the realm of more than one special building, he must choose which one of them to be a wonder and to grant him and his allies a bonus. The wonders are not destructible. If you own the highest levels of The Mystical Obelisk and The Fire Summit in the realm and The Mystical Obelisk is your active wonder, The Fire Summit becomes automatically your active wonder, when another player builds a higher level of The Mystical Obelisk than yours.

If you own the highest levels of more than two special buildings in the realm and your active wonder is The Mystical Obelisk, the system randomly switches your active wonder to one of your rest special buildings with highest levels, when another player builds a higher level of The Mystical Obelisk than yours. Though, you can activate the wonder you wish to at any time.

When two or more players have equal levels of the same special building, the owner of the wonder is the player who was the first one to reach it.

The basic price of each special building is 8 gold equivalent. The resources alternate one after another only for the same building respectively. For example, the user builds first level of The Sun Pyramids. The resource necessary for the first level of construction of The Palace of Dawn will be again gold and not wood. Workforce for wood, iron and stone production. The population pays taxes determined personally by the player. Rookies, needed for army recruitment. Population growth Basic population growth is calculated with the following formula: Farm construction decreases the population losses due to shortage of food.

Homeless population appears when there is not enough housing. The growing rate of the homeless citizens is calculated as follows: Wood Required by all Buildings and some Technologies. Needed for the training of military units. Produced by hired population in the lumber mills. Iron Required for some of the Buildings, Technologies and all military units.

Produced by population hired in the iron mines. Stone Main resource for building Fortresses. Needed for some other Buildings and Technologies. Produced by population hired in stone quarry. Production Basic production for civilians: Gold The currency of the game.

There are 6 different tax rates. Gold is generated from trade and deposits in the bank as well. Gold is also acquired with the construction of imperial routes and trade routes which connect different types of holdings. If the treasury has negative gold balance due to paid army upkeep for example , the player cannot build, research or recruit army until the negative balance is cleared.

Diamonds They serve for: Instant construction - starting the exploitation of a building earlier. The option is valid just for buildings with less than 96 construction hours left. One construction hour requires diamonds. One research hour requires diamonds. Instant training - completing the training of the units earlier.

The option is not available while the Empire is under enemy attack. Only the first training group of the queue in one province and one barrack can be instantly trained. Every group below 6 remaining hours requires diamonds. Instant army travel Instant foundation of a remote holding Imperial Merchant - a market feature that allows you to sell wood, iron and stone for gold instantly for a diamond commission. Opening more than one gift for the day in the Temple. A second gift for diamonds, if you have already taken a free gift at least 3 times.

A third gift for diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for diamonds at least 3 times. A fourth gift for diamonds, if you have already taken a gift for diamonds at least 3 times.