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This translates into around USD 30 billion in additional fuel cost and around 0. The solutions combine state-of-the-art antifouling and application technologies with reliable performance measurements and high performance guarantee.

The pay-back period is usually less than 1 year. Hull trading system dubai solutions combine state-of-the-art antifouling and application technologies with reliable measurability and performance guarantees.

Every application is supported by a HPS certified project manager and an expanded team consisting of our best coating advisors. Our High Performance Application Procedures have been optimized for delivering the smoothest possible hull surface and include a comprehensive regime for measuring and documenting the solutions contribution to reducing average hull roughness.

Since we are in the business of delivering documented high performance we are dependent on being able to offer a reliable measurement methodology. Significant sources of random and systematic error are managed by collecting data with a very high frequency, by using a set hull trading system dubai pre-defined data filters and normalization procedures, as well as a quality assurance protocol that includes monitoring of the correlation between different sensors.

The details of the methodology have been placed in the public domainand an appointed third party with access to the collected data, may at any time replicate the performance measurements. JHPMM is currently in version 2 and a number of leading ship owners have judged it sufficiently reliable so as to be used in performance based contracts. Being able to reliably measure the extent to which high performance has been delivered, it is possible to also guarantee on it.

Jotun has developed a set-up for performance based contracting where Jotun either documents that high performance has been delivered or returns the additional investment in the hull performance solution. Customers are in effect paying for delivered high performance - not for paint with the promise of high performance. Our High Performance Guarantees have been designed to offer our customers unrivalled flexibility in terms of operation. As a part of a High Performance Guarantee, Jotun will regularly report on performance based hull trading system dubai an agreed upon reporting schedule.

In a market characterized by fierce competition, high bunker prices and new and pending emissions control legislation, hull performance has become business critical. A Hull Performance Solution from Jotun can be expected to deliver a 8. The inclusion of reliable performance measurement and performance guarantees results in investment risk being limited.

While investment in hull performance solutions is typically very attractive, the expected return on investment will vary based on a broad range of factors including vessel type, trade, activity level, voyage policies, current level of hull performance, current main engine bunker consumption, expected cost per ton of bunker, etc. In addition to the direct financial return on an investment in a Hull Performance Solution from Jotun, there are also typically considerable indirect and non-financial benefits such as improving the ship's environmental footprint, extending the ship's commercial lifespan delaying obsolescence and increasing the ship's second hand value.

To help support investment decisions by owners, hull trading system dubai HPS team at Jotun is working with a growing list of customers to develop detailed and comprehensive investment cases for investments in hull performance. Jotun provides assistance in extracting and analyzing hull trading system dubai hull performance as well as other case data for the fleet in question and can also provide input on relevant industry benchmarks.

DNV GL has hosted a one-day course addressing antifouling management and performance monitoring, which brought together representatives from ship owners, operators, yards and Intertanko. China Shipping Bulk Carrier Co. Jotun HPS contributed to the development of the submission and also took part as co-presenter at a side-event where the submission was presented in greater detail to interested delegates. Overall the submission was well received and we will continue to support work on a global standard.

Knowing this, why do we even talk about fuel savings in the same sentences as paint products applied to the vessels hull? Jotun has taken an active position to refocus on true hull performance through a transparent method that allows for hull performance assessment through onboard automatically logged data. Even when operating under fixed RPM settings hull fouling will affect the fuel hull trading system dubai — counter to the intuition of many.

This article hull trading system dubai out to explain the reason behind this observation based on a real life example.

This technical note points to the origin of this 1: With our Hull Performance Solutions we have made it our business to deliver documented high performance — not only high performance paint.

This means we have to deliver excellence across the value chain. Ship Performance Monitoring, including measurement of hull performance, is a fairly new and rapidly developing area of expertise. As a part of our effort to continuously improve our own measurement methodology and to ensure that hull performance is adequately addressed in Ship Performance Monitoring solutions, we strive to work with the leading and most innovative providers of Ship Performance Monitoring Solutions.

This is done in hull trading system dubai with our Ship Performance Monitoring partner policy. You need a browser that can handle Iframes to be able to view this page. Documented high performance With our Hull Performance Solutions we have made it our business to deliver documented high performance — not only high performance paint.

Hull Performance Solutions for newbuilding projects The HPS Newbuilding Solution is aimed at yards delivering vessels with eco-design and who want to maximise the energy efficiency at both speed trial and in operation. In addition comes 3 upgrade components: Smooth application package Hull roughness impacts the results at speed trial.

This package combines comprehensive technical service with an optimised anticorrosive system. Jotun measures average roughness on the underwater hull surface and offers a money-back guarantee. Outfitting Protection Package Keeping the hull slime and fouling free through the outfitting period is a challenge.

The outfitting protection package includes a final coat of SeaQuantum Hull trading system dubai which has superior resistance to slime and fouling. With the a clean hull at speed trial the yards will avoid costly re-dock or under water hull cleaning which is time consuming and may increase hull roughness. Transferable High Performance Guarantee A 60 month high performance guarantee with cash back if average speed loss exceeds 1.

This component gives the yards an opportunity to differentiate themselves by extending from a typical hull trading system dubai months standard guarantee to a 60 month high performance hull trading system dubai back guarantee.

The best coating technologies available. Jotun High Performance Application Procedures for Dry Dock Paint by itself is a semi-finished product, and hull performance is greatly influenced also by the quality of pre-treatment and application. Jotun High Performance Guarantee. Jotun Hull Performance Solutions — Return on investment. Operators eyeing opportunities to improve vessel performance Growing interest in hull performance management Customer and technical references.

UASC boosts efficiency of new flagships with Jotun advanced antifouling coatings. Eitzen Chemical picks low hanging fruits of energy efficiency solutions by Jotun. Technical references and supporting articles MEPC The illusion hull trading system dubai fuel savings - an urgent need for improved transparency in marine hull coatings. Vessel operation under fixed RPM and increased frictional resistance - Why is there an increase in power demand?

On the origin of the 1: Ship Performance Monitoring Hull trading system dubai Ship Performance Monitoring, including measurement of hull performance, is a fairly new and rapidly developing area of expertise. Select another country for your data sheet.

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