Real Wealth Creation Strategies for 2018 – What Cycle are You in?

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What are the most effective real wealth creation strategies? Wealth creation is a misused and very poorly understood term. Many people believe wealth creation is about making more money. If you were to ask people what wealth creation strategies provide, a good majority would use terms like:. Some of the top financial mentors in the world often suggest being wealthy is being able to do what you want, when you want with whoever you want.

The fact of wealth creation is you do need to generate some income, but many very wealthy people have had a standard salary their entire working life. Often what happens is as their income increases their expenses increase. The best way to increase your income is to generate multiple streams of income or to have money coming in from several different areas. James Althucher, one of the most prolific finance writers, stresses that the average millionaire has seven sources of income.

If one of your income streams stops for any reason, you still have other income to rely on. If you are looking at retirement planning, then creating multiple sources of passive income is the way to go.

If something were to happen to this income stream, the financial stress can be overwhelming. Wealthy people do not rely on income from one area as a successful business does not rely on income from selling only one product. Start investing in shares in the stock market, property or cash to increase your sources of income. Nowadays, the cost to build an online business is quite low. Consider the options of creating additional income streams via a business.

The idea is to start. You will pick up the skills along the way. While focusing on increasing your income, it is also important to manage your expenses. There is a very simple rule for creating wealth.

If you had 10 minutes to calculate how much you earned last year, it is very likely that you could do this very accurately. However, if you were given 10 minutes to calculate how much you spent last year, you will struggle.

Keeping track of where your money goes is an important part of wealth creation. There is a great book called the Richest Man in Babylon link to Amazon on the right which details the process of accumulating wealth. What is the biggest expense that you will face in your lifetime? Many people respond that it is their house, their children or their partner.

All of these are expensive items, but it is not the biggest expense you will face. If you are paying the highest tax rate in Australia, then almost half of your money disappears before you see a cent. That is before you pay GST, petrol or alcohol taxes. Tax is by far the largest expense you will face during your lifetime. It is important you spend time focusing on reducing your tax. Many people will drive across town to save one cent on their petrol or visit many different supermarkets to save a few dollars on groceries.

If they spent as much time focusing on legally reducing their tax, then they would be in a much better financial position than saving a few dollars here or there. The goal of a person seeking to create wealth is to increase their assets so that they can generate an income from them.

The starting point is to recognise what is an asset. The real definition of an asset is something that puts money in your pocket. Anything that takes money out of your pocket is considered a liability.

Many of the things you consider to be assets are in fact liabilities as they cost you money. The car the house and the boat are all lifestyle assets.

Rental property, shares and cash are considered investment assets. People who struggle to become wealthy make a critical error throughout their best income producing years. They get a high paying job and buy the house, the boat and the car the wealthy drive. The link they missed was the rich person bought investment assets to pay for the house, the boat and the car. They are purchasing them through their business.

Debt is not right or wrong. It is how the debt is used that will determine whether the debt is of benefit to you or detrimental to your financial well-being. You would have memories and photographs maybe, but no money. Managing risk is about reducing the impact on your financial situation when things do go wrong. Risks fall into two categories, insurable risks and uninsurable risks. Most people have insurance for their house, car and contents, but fewer protect the things that can have a huge impact on your financial well-being.

This can be protected with income protection insurance which will replace an income if you are unable to work for any length of time.

Life insurance becomes important if you have children or a partner that depend on you for their lifestyle. Health insurance may be of benefit to you to cover large medical expenses that could occur. Insurance can be used to minimise the impact of unforeseen events. However, there are some things you cannot insure against. Insurance is not as readily available to your business having a severe downturn or being sued because of a traffic accident.

To protect your assets and income in the situation where you are uninsured requires the use of structures to isolate different activities and to hold assets away from creditors. One of the most inspiring things about living in , is the number of opportunities to create wealth. Take a look at YouTube.

Not only that but the Bitcoin Millionaire craze has really taken hold. It has been one of the most volatile asset classes but has certainly generated a lot of wealth for many people. Oh, the irony of step number one of building an asset rich, income producing lifestyle. You start at broke. Well, we all have to start somewhere.

Most people are born into this world with nothing. Very few people arrived with a wallet attached when they were delivered, and most people do not have significant income during the early years of their lives. In this phase of life, income equals expenses as the majority of the money earned is spent. The person has no significant assets or liabilities. Phase 2 is often worse than being broke. The person now has a regular income, and he or she can borrow to buy a car or a house.

At this stage, he or she is also setting up their life by purchasing furniture, appliances and often having children as well. There are many expenses to pay and often the young person borrows to cover these costs. The only way this is sustainable is if the person borrows more to pay their debts. If this stays out of control for an extended period, then the person can end up bankrupt as they are no longer in a position to pay their debts. It is during this phase of life that people are in the best position to accumulate assets and boost their super funds.

The assets they own are increasing in value and adding to their income. This allows them to reduce their debt levels and add further to their asset base. You may want to increase your contribution to your self managed super funds. This can often be an excellent tax strategy as well. But best to talk to a financial planner first.

At this point, the person is free to stop work if they choose to and live off the income generated by their assets. Does anyone even remember this game? The spending of high-income earners tends to be very high, so a large income is required from their assets to get out of the rat race. The janitor, teacher and truck driver, find it much easier to exit the rat race as they have far fewer expenses to cover.

This is backed up by the book called the Millionaire Next Door, which studies the profiles of millionaires. The majority of them own their businesses and do not drive expensive cars, or live in expensive houses.

You can view the best investing books to help get the right mindset and wealth management strategies for long-term success. When it comes to investing books, you will learn from the investment greats such as Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham and more.

In addition, you will learn how to invest in a managed fund, learn about business advisory strategies and understand what an estate plan looks like. Everyone is at different stages on the path to financial freedom. It is important to identify where you are on the current path. If you do not know your starting point, it is tough to set out in the right direction to achieve your financial goals. The best thing you can do now is to start building your wealth creation strategies.

Consider where you are on your journey, develop a side hustle income and do whatever it takes to generate additional revenue streams.