How to Use the PHP CLI

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This package automatically determines which PHP version that the user's application requires from the system. The directive may resemble the following example:. Override the default ea-php-cli behavior. Your command might resemble the following example:. For more information, read our PHP Home documentation.

If you use how to call theea-php-cli binaries option, you may run the filename. We strongly recommend that you do not customize your ea-php-cli installation. Most setups do not require extra configuration. You can also perform additional customizations to your PHP setup. This file enables alternate MultiPHP configuration files and settings.

You can use the following two options in your file:. In the above example, the system uses PHP 5. The ea-php-cli executables do not use the handling directives of the ea-php entries. If you remove the filename. If both a file's configured version of PHP and the system default version of PHP are unavailable, the executable exits with an error. A t tachments 0 Page History.

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It is now possible to use Ubuntu command line tools natively in Windows But Ubuntu running on Windows is a serious and welcome addition that will make Windows a serious development environment. Yes, you heard that right. You can now run Ubuntu on Windows. Or rather, the command line tools such as the popular Bash shell.

Sure, there have been environments such as Cygwin that have made it possible to port Unix and Linux tools to Windows, but now you can run actual Linux binaries without having to dual boot or set up a virtual machine.

You just need preview build of Windows 10 the fully-fledged version will be coming out with the Windows 10 anniversary edition in the summer of Why is a company that once compared Linux and open source to communism now supporting Linux in its main operating system rival, Windows? More importantly, many developers are building web and mobile apps not on Windows machines. In other words, Linux rules the brave new world of software development. Scott Hanselman, a major Windows developer, has noticed the sea change.

Microsoft has supported Unix before. Microsoft even maintained a stake in SCO for years. Even then, Microsoft had a foot in the Unix world. These tools are also command line only. Only the userland utilities are running, not the kernel , though the binaries are ELF binaries instead of Windows executables. This is different from something like Cygwin where the developers have created a DLL that translates the Linux system calls to Windows.

With Cygwin, the programs are recompiled into Windows executables. Even with Ubuntu sort of running on Windows, there are going to be a lot of alternatives for people who want to tap into the power of Linux while still keeping Windows around.

A fast machine with a lot of RAM will offer performance comparable to a bare-metal installation. Dual-booting has been the traditional option for people who want to run both Linux and Windows. With the ability to run Ubuntu on top of Windows, developers will have a powerful development environment combined with the wide range of hardware choices that Windows offers. What's the Big Deal? David Delony August 1, Written by David Delony. David Delony is a Bay Area expatriate living in Ashland, Oregon, where he combines his love of words and technology in his career as a freelance writer.

He's covered everything from TV commercials to video games. David holds a B. Why Linux has Failed on the Desktop. What Makes Unix Special? What is the difference between a mobile OS and a computer OS?

What is the difference between alpha testing and beta testing? What components make up an IT infrastructure, and how do they work together? More of your questions answered by our Experts.