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Very sadly, too much often in the news we read or hear about binary options customers who have been defrauded of their money by scam firms. If you have been defrauded by a binary options broker, you may want to read these 5 steps that may help you recover your money. Your first course of action should be to try to reverse the credit card transaction. It is undoubtedly the best option you have if you have been defrauded.

Sometimes even only the threat of a chargeback can get you your money back. In fact companies may face problems when processing credit cards after a certain number of chargebacks, and hence they often prefer to just return a customer his money. If the company decides to keep your money instead, then you can approach your credit card company or issuing bank and fill out all the paperwork necessary for how did binary options brokers get my number birman laws chargeback.

You must mention fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract as the reasons. You can more often than not count on the fact that scam binary options sales people tend to lie about their identity, location and financial experience, and this will help you to sustain your case. If you just suspect you have been defrauded by a binary options company, you can first try to negotiate with it directly.

There are high chances you will add that money to the one you have already lost. If the binary options company refuses to refund your money, at least you will have additional documentation for your bank as proof of your good-faith effort to recover your funds.

Scammed customers should provide their bank or other financial institution with as much documentation as possible to demonstrate that false promises were made. Please make sure to send it all in a single email. Take your time and arrange all the files in a single PDF. If you are able to ascertain the real location of the binary options firm that scammed you, you should provide your bank with that information. Many binary options firms claim to be calling from England or Scotland, but it often comes out that they are actually in Israel, Cyprus or Bulgaria.

There is no question that this discovery will back your case. Indeed you may be even able to recover your money just by ascertaining the real address and names of the company owners, as it has happened to various defrauded customers already. Unfortunately pressuring binary options firms or credit card issuers does not always work. Sometimes you have to take it a step further and go to litigation. But even with this, be always how did binary options brokers get my number birman laws.

Too many victims have hired firms after being contacted on message boards by people promising to get their money back, just to find out later that they have fallen in another scam. A friend of mine paid a lot to Birman Law to retrieve funds how did binary options brokers get my number birman laws a BO broker only to get information he already knew.

Total waste of money, I hired a solution professional it took less than a week to recover my funds. Glad to hear you recovered your money. If you want to share your experience, please feel free to do that. I am sure other visitors will benefit from it.

Please let me know how you recovered your money. I invested over 5K with Trade2get and found it was a scam. I believe they should be prosecuted for fraud as well. Please note, publishing an email address without any proof of who that email belongs to is not allowed on this site. Please contact us and provide clear details before submitting any email or link. There are professional firms out there that prepare your chargeback requests and all the paperwork that you have to submit to your bank.

I found mine online and they did an amazing job. Took a load off my back. If you know you have lost above 10, and you lost all by trading either to your broker or you how did binary options brokers get my number birman laws scammed, kindly let us know so you can get your money back direct from your broker because your money was supposed to be insured, this is applicable to both IQ Options, Binary Options and Forex traders, we, the CFTC Commodity Future Trading Commissionhave decided to help traders regain their funds back from their broker and also scammers.

Kindly get back to us so we can help you get the full funds back in one month, this can only be done if your broker is among regulatory broker laws. We can give you guide lines on what to do. If you are from cftc. Leave this field empty. Login Register Forgot Username: Register for this site! Sign up now for the good stuff. Enter your username or email how did binary options brokers get my number birman laws reset your password.

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