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The Global Trade Exchange has a mysterious history dating from conception ina year of hype, and sudden placement on "hold" status. Described as a ready-to-buy, commercially available database, the GTX was rush-funded global trade broker Congress as part of and championed relentlessly by then- United States Secretary of Homeland Global trade broker Michael Chertoff in evident disregard of objections of confused and frustrated U.

Touted by senior U. The Global Trade Exchange GTX was mentioned in a Wikileaks cable [3] as an intelligence agency trade data project, run by the Department global trade broker Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol, intended to involve many other intelligence agencies worldwide. In Spring of DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff began to actively promote the Global Global trade broker Exchange to the media and trade community as a commercial off-the-shelf COTS database, able to provide unique and vital national security protection from 'all hazards' threats, [4] Senior DHS Customs officials, described the GTX as global trade broker repository of corporate data, and transportation shipping data.

Government would be sharing collected corporate data with foreign governments, such as Secretary Chertoff described. Full cooperation, therefore, in current US risk-analytic data collection including the future Global Trade Exchange—GTX experiment and in US Container Security Initiative risk-based scanning is certainly highly counseled as a means to mitigate domestic US pressure for more extreme overseas surveillance requirements. GlassmanNorthrop Grumman. Congressional requirements for per cent scanning of shipping containers.

InAs early asAmbassador Glassman proposed, at various APEC counter-terrorism seminars, the Global Trade Exchange as an unregulated financial exchange using port-shipping manifest global trade broker, i. More global trade broker would allow CBP to be more precise in identifying risks and to thus conduct fewer and better-targeted container inspections.

Chertoff stressed that the GTX operator would be a "trusted aggregator" and that there would be "a stringent rule set" to make sure that sensitive business information is not "divulged or shared to competitors. Although never fully explained in terms of content, the Global Trade Exchange was noted as being one of the three pillars of the U.

The Global Trade Exchange was touted [11] as a ready-made project run by a private-sector company in cooperation with foreign governments; [12] data was to have been obtained on a voluntary basis by companies.

These communications noted concerns that they didn't know the business-reporting sources of data nor what the data global trade broker these groups were normally very involved with such definitions. Winkowski testified to Rep. Henry Cuellar that U. Attorneys were still trying to "go around the legal challenges that [the U.

Despite that the GTX was, in principle, a ready-to-purchase database of corporate data which was collected, the actual content of the global trade exchange was never fully presented global trade broker either the media nor to U. Clues to the premise of the project can be found in the GTX statement of work, [32] provided in the request for quote, [21] released to a small select group of companies, in December The commercial transaction data was to have been run by a private company information broker performing the following functions:.

Three weeks after public presentations at U. Wikileaks documents revealed the U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on October 6, Retrieved October 6, Archived from the original on March 26, International Trade and Customs".

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So reads a report by the World Bank titled Connecting to Compete Trade Logistics in the Global Economy. The report features the Logistics Performance Index , which ranks Germany as the world champion in logistics. The country scores even higher than it did the last time it topped the index, two years ago. Logistics connect sellers and buyers across the globe and provide companies with access to domestic and international markets. Related services influence the cost of goods and determine the competitiveness of economies.

Their integration in global trade and value chains adds value to the worldwide networks of procurement, production and distribution so important for job creation, national economic development and wealth.

In short, when logistics function as they should, they are the basis upon which economies are built. China moved from 28 in to 27 in Strong nations depend on and benefit from buying and selling in foreign countries. Competition is what drives them, collaboration is what helps a nation to capture its full potential. Globalization, logistics and trade have had a significant impact on global wealth levels. In , the Economist wrote that in 20 years nearly 1 billion people had been taken out of extreme poverty.

This reflected the entry of China, India and other developing countries into the global procurement, manufacturing and distribution system, as increasingly powerful players in the world economy. Still, many developing countries remain on the margins of world markets, requiring helping hands to improve their logistics capabilities. In , logistics performances converge at the top and the gap between high and low performers widens.

How fast the picture can change. The drop is largely driven by two factors: The online publication Supply Chain Digital writes: Logistically constrained countries — landlocked nations without direct access to the oceans and global waterways, for example — are regularly struggling with trade and transport facilitation and reforms. In high-performing nations, slower global trade after the global financial crisis, as well as environmental concerns, create a pressured environment for the logistics industry.

In the interests of economic inclusion and peace, all nations need to further advance trade and transportation facilitation, whether individually or collectively, while safeguarding the citizens against harmful activities. And indeed, reliability is more important than speed. And critical for reliability is efficiency at the borders. The current global trend towards disintegration, such as Brexit or the erection of fences at the Hungarian border with Serbia and Croatia, are not helping.

In economies where infrastructure and skills are no longer the key concern, governments might need to invest more money and time in explaining to the citizens the benefits of trade and logistics. How safe are supply chains from terrorist attack? Two wheels that show the changing shape of trade This is how technology is transforming logistics. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum.

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Africa has a new free trade area. Beware the fragility of the global economy Alberto Gallo 23 Mar