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Hi, I am using the version 6. I receive the current real time data but not the historical data. In other programs I am not having any issue. Unfortunately you came across a bug which will be fixed for next beta. Hi, I have seen that the beta 6.

Could you confirm please? Forexro forum I forexro forum wrong settings, because the program crashed? Does it still crash? So I could reinstall Forexro forum after a crash and copy the backup file it back to the directory? Thank you for your quick reply. So I did not ask for nothing! These are my settings: USD Dome would not forexro forum market depth, dome settings for market depth automatically switched to false, NT crashed when connecting.

Cannot send screenshot, as it exceeds 97 kB. Found the reason for the crash: Select it and you get your crash. I also got 1-minute-backfill for 30 days without any problems. How do you make sure that I am not filled via Ideal 7 pips spread instead if IdealPro 1 pips spread? Harry, Too make sure we are forexro forum the same page This is what I see. I think everything is ok now, but I will come back to you in case it is not. Thank you for your help Ray. The instrument settings is really the key.

I first had set the Tick Forexro forum to 0, that is what it forexro forumbut it should be set to 0, Otherwise it would not work.

Also for IB I needed to select this subpip support. Make it something like lime - or if you want an unvisible default - include it in the property panel to allow for changing it! Thanks a lot again forexro forum your help.

You could change the color forexro forum the simulation account forexro forum color of window to get more contrast. Actually I have customized all NT to have dark background and rather bright colours for bars and indicators. I do not like to stare onto a white screen, as it is more relaxing for my eyes if the screen is darker When I use 0.

What can I try else? Not sure I follow. Hi Dierk, thanks for the fast answer. In TWS I see f. You would need to update to NT6. Maybe FXpro cannot be used with IB? It all works forexro forum expected. Please make sure you have selected the right account on FxPro and chart. It works, including defined strategies. I had selected the simulation account by mistake.

Thank you again forexro forum the quick answer. This figure cannot be entered. Starting with 0 the only way to enter a limit price would be clicking the up-arrow times to get the price!

Or is there any forexro forum option to forexro forum a limit price? If I press the scroll wheel, I can access the current market price, from there I can scroll to the chosen limit price. That should do, thank you.

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If it is relatively high, investors should be cautious to open positions, ensuring to balance the profits and costs. Longer time and larger value percent are recommended.

Those equities that work best for ACD are highly volatile, very liquid (lots of daily trading volume), and subject to long trends. Moreover, we will expand this method to ETF funds, foreign exchange and other financial derivatives which have good fluidity and high-frequency turnovers in Chinese market to get further conclusions of this trading strategy. Conclusion In this paper, we suggest an improvement on a famous trading strategy based on ACD rules and pivot point system, which was proposed by Mark B.