Forex Money Management: The Golden Rule

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Independent resellers of stockmarket data use this format to deliver data to traders worldwide. The "Metastock format data" download became known as the industry standard.

Lee and I just had to write and say that we have been using JBL Risk Manager for several months now and we are delighted with its ease of use and the powerful simplicity it delivers into our hands when we consider keeping or selling shares. We have now grown well away from our beginnings of wondering how much to invest, buying shares and wondering when to take a profit or hanging onto them as they lost value and hoping they would "come good" again. Your Risk Manager program has protected profits for us and has signalled the time to quit an unprofitable situation.

Our involvement in the share market is now business like and successful. Over the years I haven't made any recommendations in that regard. Joseph, the designer of JBL Risk Manager, has been very helpful and it's all coming together now and yes the need for such a program is critical. Wish I was this educated when I first started trading, would have saved me many thousands of dollars through the GFC and beyond too B.

It is invaluable for position sizing and money management. I have read many books on share trading, most of which contained some detail on how to manage risk. I am confident that by using JBL RM that I am undertaking the necessary management of risks associated with capital appropriation, open positions and sector constraints, with the added bonus of stop loss alerts.

These are excellent tools for m aking sure your trading system continues to perform well. It is user-friendly and very helpful. I am impressed with your programme. The programme is a must for the serious trader. JBL Risk Manager allows an investor to establish their portfolio up front and maintain a consistent exit strategy for superior risk management.

I will introduce it as my trading tool of choice to candidates and attendees of my International Public Speaking events. If comfortable please try and order prior to expiry. Skip to navigation Skip to content. News Limited Special Offer

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Share the post "Portfolio Management Software". Portfolio management software has come a long way in the last years. Previously, traders would be lucky to record their trading or investments on anything let alone use professional portfolio management software. Whilst portfolio management is still in the back of most traders and investors minds, products like KeepGoodRecords. Further to this, tax time is an absolute joy compared to trying to find all your contract notes from your stock broker.

Portfolio management software allows you to track, monitor and control all your various trades, trading systems or investments in one easy to use software package. The best portfolio management software also allows you to track and monitor several trading instruments through the one program, making reporting a breeze. Have you ever hesitated on pulling the trigger when your entry alert is signalled?

Ever been fearful of losing your money when trading the markets? Portfolio management software helps you identify your trading system s strengths and weaknesses and then work on making the weaknesses better. This is a tool so obvious that it has been sitting in front of you all this time but you have probably never known the key reasons as to why this is such a critical tool for your long term trading success.

Have a read of what Con had to say about the importance of smart record keeping and the benefits of portfolio management software. Well you could, but it would only tell you if you are profitable or not.

There are so many other important statistics that can be gathered about your trading history and countless lessons to be learnt from those numbers.

Do you think prior to taking over a large multi-national company that Warren Buffet goes and meets all the staff to get a good feel for the people running the show? What is the first thing Warren Buffet looks at before deciding to purchase or takeover a company? Considering he is the richest investor in the world, it might pay dividends to follow Mr Buffet in regards to knowing the numbers of your trading business. Another example is the casino. Have you ever noticed that there is a pit boss looking over every single table at the casino?

They are constantly running reports and identifying the critical numbers and if the casino is losing they replace the dealer quick smart. Then continue to monitor the numbers. If however you are looking for complete portfolio management software then your number 1 option is KeepGoodRecords.

Many traders continue to struggle with their trading year after year and yet many never take the time to learn the critical numbers that could greatly benefit their trading methods. These are the building blocks to understanding and being clear on whether or not you have an edge in the markets.