List of Indian exchange-traded funds

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Why restrict yourself to one stock or a set of stocks that are handpicked? What if you could invest in a fund that is a perfect replica of the Index? ETF units are listed on stock exchanges and traded like equity shares.

An ETF would have some underlying security or group of securities like an index, sector stocks or commodities, like gold. An Index ETF is fund that has any stock exchange index as the underlying security.

So, the value of the ETF is derived from the value of underlying index. Through the lower cost of operations, QNF would provide investors an excellent means of investing in Nifty 50 Index which is a broad based diversified index. Not paying commissions decreases the expense of most of our schemes and thereby adds to the returns of the schemes subject to performance. Investor looking for long term investments across shares which are part of Nifty 50 Index can invest in QNF. Some attributes of QNF are.

The scheme will be managed by replicating the Index in the same weightage as in the Nifty 50 Index with the intention of minimizing the performance differences between the scheme and the CNX Nifty Index in capital terms, subject to market liquidity, costs of trading, management expenses and other factors which may cause tracking error. Investors do have the option of regularly buying units from the listed exchanges and accumulating their QNF holdings.

The scheme will track Nifty 50 - Total Return Index and portfolio of the scheme comprises by replicating the Index in the same weightage as in the Nifty subject to tracking error. Thus, the aforesaid benchmark is such that it is most suited for comparing performance of the scheme.

Hitendra Parekh is managing the scheme. Click here to view his complete profile. The investment process will change according the category you fall under i. Current expense ratio is 0. August 01, there will be no entry load charged to the schemes of any Mutual Fund. It should be noted that Quantum Mutual Fund has not charged Entry Load for any of its schemes since inception. We were one of the first mutual funds in India to launch schemes with no entry load, much prior to SEBI discontinuing the same.

There is No exit load if you wish to redeem from the scheme. Retail investor can exit the scheme only through secondary market. Click here to understand the details on Taxation. Nifty 50 Total Return Index Rs. February 28, to February 28, 1 year This fund is managed by Hitendra Parekh. The performance of QNF generally corresponds to the underlying Index. QNF offers affordability as the unit cost is low when compared to the prices of its constituents. To buy one unit share of the same the investor has to pay approximately Rs.

But by investing Rs. Directly with the Fund: QNF can be found under the equity section, and not mutual fund section, of your online trading service. Broker codes for some of the online trading services are mention below: Click here to view the entire list of who can invest? Click here to view the entire list of who cannot invest? The units will be issued only in dematerialized form through depositories. Click here for detailed Scheme Factsheet. II On the Exchange: Where do we Invest?

Latest Fact Sheet Earlier Factsheets. Read about the Quantum point of view on everything that happens in the world of finance Contact Us Toll Free: Investors understand that their principal will be at Moderately High Risk. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. QNF offers diversification as it comprises of a basket of securities, which inherently provides diversification across an entire index. QNF gives you a better idea beforehand about where your money will be invested.

As a retail investor, you might not be able to afford the entire basket of underlying stocks. Units of the QNF will be issued and settled compulsorily in dematerialized form.

Also give standing instructions for "Delivery-in" to your DP for accepting units in your Demat account. After the execution of trade; the broker will transfer the QNF units directly to your Demat account.

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