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Home Help New Sections. View modes Linear Mode Threaded Mode. DeCrescenzo Show this Post. I recently noticed the iOS Settings for Safari "Clear history and website data" feature has a twin setting accessed further down the page via the "Advanced" button.

On the Advanced page, there's a "Website Data" button which displays a list of "website data" -- I assume cookies, etc. The above is all well and good. However, edit cookiesbinarycookies questions for Apple or anyone who can shed light on this is: Why don't the "Clear History and Website Data" and "Remove edit cookiesbinarycookies website data" features on these pages work as edit cookiesbinarycookies, and why are there two of them? On my iOS devices two iPhone 6 and an iPad, all running the latest iOS these clear and remove features produce unexpected results.

Sometimes they edit cookiesbinarycookies everything from the list on the Advanced edit cookiesbinarycookies, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes the only way to remove an item from the Advanced list is to individually delete it using the Edit feature. It doesn't seem to matter what order I use these features, or if I force quit Safari or Settings in-between using them. An item or two will often persist on the Advanced list until individually deleted.

I don't understand why a seemingly simple task -- deleting website data -- has to be so complicated. And why are edit cookiesbinarycookies two similar features that appear to edit cookiesbinarycookies the same thing? I can delete all other website data for all other websites, except pilotguides.

Any suggestions for how to get rid of this cookie or whatever it is? Apple ][ Forever Show this Post. I suspect it's not cookie data, but something like Local Storage. It's not intuitive, but the way to delete it is to edit cookiesbinarycookies the same technique used to delete items in edit cookiesbinarycookies Phone and Mail apps -- swipe left on the item to reveal action buttons, in this case "Delete.

Personally, I abandoned Safari a long time edit cookiesbinarycookies in favor of iCab, which is more of a power user's browser and has much more granular controls and customization options.

The only time I see Safari is when a link unintentionally and frustratingly launches it because Edit cookiesbinarycookies doesn't trust its own users to select their own default apps in iOS but that's another topic altogether. I haven't found a way to get rid of it. Power-cycling the iPad also doesn't make any difference either.

Hoping I don't have to do a full reset erase of the iPad to fix it. Anyone else have another suggestion? I have had the same issue, but you can manually remove the data. Some website data is stubborn but it will eventually remove. I found that I had to manually remove the data, selecting the "Remove All" edit cookiesbinarycookies not work for edit cookiesbinarycookies more stubborn data.

I had HomeDepot on my device and managed to remove it, it took more than edit cookiesbinarycookies attempt but it did eventually delete. I agree I don't know if this is a bug or not, but you can remove the data. Harrison Boyle Show this Post. I have the same problem. I was able to get rid of a Home Depot edit cookiesbinarycookies but not a persistent one from Lenovo dot com, no matter what method I try.

Computer Curmudgeon Show this Post. This is a known bug I edit cookiesbinarycookies several weeks ago, and it was immediately marked as a duplicate report. I am having the same problem with a Kensington cookie but on a Mac Pro running Sierra! It has not been helped by Kensington's new ownership, Acco, which seems to have determinedly departed from Kensington's previously sterling support model.

I wonder if inability to delete betrays a Safari weakness across Mac operating systems. Usually after several attempts, whatever "the data" is appears to be deleted. But I have been completely unable to remove, using the various procedures, the data from uspatriottactical. No matter what Edit cookiesbinarycookies do, it remains. Even doing edit cookiesbinarycookies iPad reset several times has no effect.

When this problem appears, I make a note to never ever edit cookiesbinarycookies back to that site. I dislike Safari on edit cookiesbinarycookies many devices; always have. I just installed iOS 11 on my iPhone 6, and Safari's random "zombie cookies" issue still isn't fixed! Power-cycling the iPhone has no effect. Anyone else seeing similar results? Ric Ford Show this Post.

I see these infernal permanent cookies on iOS Donald Wardlaw Show this Post. I have a cookie in El Cap Safari that I cannot delete. It shows the site name and below that the word "Databases". I remove it and it returns a second later. David Zatz Show this Post. There is a new Safari flaw which affects many web sites including my bank and Google AdSense reporting where, if you have the option to make all fonts at least x point e.

I've reported it for each affected site. It will be interesting to see if it gets fixed, or if Apple just says that the site owners should change edit cookiesbinarycookies code I'm sure that bank software makers and Google will be very responsive to that idea.

Edit cookiesbinarycookies don't have much faith the reporting system either, but it's just about all we can do, other than switch to Windows, and having used Windows 10, I'm not amenable to that idea.

CyborgSam Show this Post. Like many others, I had trouble with that setting and turned it off. That's handy when one hand is on the mouse and the other is feeding your face.

Medcat1 Show this Post. I drag the Database edit cookiesbinarycookies Local Storage folders out of it and into the trash to get rid of the zombie cookies after surfing. The folders themselves regenerate for the next time.

Not sure if that's a cookie or a database. Here's what I have in two Safari "Library" locations: Kathryn Jenkins Show this Post. Fortunately, there are edit cookiesbinarycookies browsers we edit cookiesbinarycookies use. Have you tried these edit cookiesbinarycookies with something other than Safari?

Can you name some of the sites? Does it occur with this one? It appears that Safari 11 has removed the ability to access Bonjour servers via a menu. I actually found this useful for quickly navigating to printer web pages. To add insult, if you search for Edit cookiesbinarycookies in the Safari Help menu there is a hit in the Help Topic area, but selecting that just brings up the Safari Help page with no result, so they must have removed this further reinforcing my conviction that the built-in help system is worthless.

SebastienBoisvert Show this Post. Yes, this is something I noticed a while back, and I too, am completely dismayed it's been removed for no apparent reason. Guest Edit cookiesbinarycookies this Post. One of the things that frustrates me with Safari is that Apple has changed how users deal with certificate failures when browsing to "secure" websites with certificate issues.

Unfortunately I have to deal with a variety of servers and other devices that have certificate issues. Common certificate issues include: Self-signed certificates that won't chain back to a root certificate in the Mac.

Bad server configuration for https: When that happens, you get all kinds of warnings, which is a good thing. Occasionally, you may want to bypass the warning and continue on to the website. Here are some good examples: You are managing a device or server with a self-signed certificate. You know the device edit cookiesbinarycookies know that you are not dealing with DNS spoofing because you know the device's IP address and may be directly addressing it, or it may be on the internal network, for example.

The edit cookiesbinarycookies has some ordinary content that you want to read, and you know that the site does edit cookiesbinarycookies pose a threat.

The problem is that Apple changed the way edit cookiesbinarycookies you override the Safari certificate protections. Here is edit cookiesbinarycookies today's Safari on Sierra and High Sierra work: You are presented with the warning. Proceeding against the warning, you are given a link to look at the certificate, but you cannot make trust changes in this view any more.

Edit cookiesbinarycookies is another link to tell Safari that you want to continue to the website despite the warning. You are prompted to enter your username and password to authorize the change. Here is the bad part: The certificate is invisibly added to your keychain and set to "always trust.

There is no easy way to authorize a one-time exception. The choice to continue to the edit cookiesbinarycookies and granting trust to the certificate are two separate and independent operations:

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