Trading Computer Comparison: Rip-Off Warning!

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If there is one tool every trader needs to invest efficiently, it is a good day trading computers reviews computer. A dependable, flexible machine that can support multiple monitors day trading computers reviews stream charts galore is critical for success. Unfortunately, most trading computers are ridiculously over day trading computers reviews or are not constructed with investors in mind. Having built half a dozen computers over the years, I can hand craft my own rigs with the best brands and parts purchased over the web at discounted prices.

I called up well-known gaming computer manufacturer iBUYPOWERand after telling them about my quest to help build the ultimate value trading rig, they were excited to help out. After some back and forth emails, one call with an engineer, and some spec tweaking, we ended up with a fantastic rig. A solid trading computer meets three key criteria: This three legged chair is dependable on each area, and if one slacks, it is a wobbly experience to say the least.

With the Professional series, each machine is built to last, using only name brand manufacturer products. By using top of the line component manufacturers, you not only receive a machine built for extensive use, but also have double coverage. All individual parts are covered by the original manufacturer warranties, then there is the warranty on the system itself from iBUYPOWER, guaranteeing their work.

We called support, diagnosed the problem as a bad power supply, and within a week a new one was at our home, upgraded to handle more power. This was completely free of charge and no questions asked. Every trader should be able to run atleast two monitors. Using three monitors means using all ports, naturally.

See this guide for further info. While this may not seem like a big deal, it is. There is no point to purchase white labeled from another provider when you can have the card directly from the original manufacturer. CrossfireX ready also allows you to bridge multiple cards together for maxed resolution gaming sessions.

This computer is crazy quick thanks to the 3rd day trading computers reviews Intel Quad Core i Processor 4x 3. The fans in the computer are professional grade to ensure maximum air flow without the loud humming noise most computers have. Here is a picture of the side panel with the sound reduction foam and one of the Harmony SRS fans.

To show some of the features of this computer, I made a short video using my new iPhone 5 Email subscribers you will need to visit the site to view the video. The stock broker platforms you will see being used are thinkorswim by TD Ameritrade alongside MarketSmith.

Day trading computers reviews computer is completely clean and only has the necessary programs installed to operate. Below is a picture of the installed programs list day trading computers reviews I day trading computers reviews after first booting up the computer. Even the desktop had only one icon on it, the trash bin, which is just icing on the cake. The only nuisance I have run into thus far is the side panel, which can be tough to slide back into place once taken off.

I realized I had bent one of the slide pins, and with a small tweak was good to go. Also, the PCI slot covers in the back are not screw-less day trading computers reviews some high end cases, but again it is tough to be picky over such minor drawbacks. Note, the max score you can achieve for any category is 7. Note, no monitors come with this rig, it is just the base PC.

To get the same monitors I have, here is the link to order them on Amazon. Customize and Order this Rig at iBuyPower. But I can day trading computers reviews you that you are throwing away money unnecessarily. What computer setup do you use for trading online?

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