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Did they tell you how much trading costs are going to be? Because that will eat into your profits. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and greatest weakness. Yeah, I forgot to ask who foots the transaction costs, us or them. But the guy did say that they use a propriety system….

Ask if there is a capital contribution. If there is, run. Holla at my man Former Trader for more info. Agree that you should avoid firms that require capital commitment. Also, ask them what their turnover rate is. Some people make A LOT of money. But I am thinking, like itera is saying, that I will have to cover the trading costs from my gains: I do remember a discussion on the various trading costs each shop charges.

You should be able to dig around and compare what differnt shops charge you for. I worked for a reputable prop firm trading futures, not Nasdaq stocks. I had no capital to contribute nor did I have day trader forum canada pay for training.

Desk fees bloomberg terminal, trading software and trading fees were taken from day trader forum canada profits. Compensation varies big time. I worked with people that made 8 figures on the high end and others that made peanuts.

Our group started on fire the first few years but 10 years later I believe there is only traders still in the game from the 25 originally hired. That explains a lot. Your experiences sounds a lot like mine would be with this firm. Hey former trader, got any advice for me? Any seasoned warrior advice for me? Any seasoned warrior advice for a fresh starter?

If you have a bad trade, step aside and take a walk. The temptation is to get right back in. Markets will be open tomorrow and a century from now. No need to rush back in to make back what you just lost. When you have a position on, you have a biased view. Markets can be irrational longer than you can be solvent. Live to fight another day.

You will go through slumps…limit the damage. I gotta give it to you. Just day trader forum canada 1 yr experience.

Do you want to drop your email and ill msg u after cfa exam. Would day trader forum canada to find out day trader forum canada experience of the prop world. I think I would love prop trading but realistically I seriously question the sustainability of the business, chances for having a profitable career, and the luck to be under the right wing.

It also severely hurts exit opportunities from what I understand. Very early in my career I gave prop trading a go, left a good entry-level position straight out of college to join a prop shop.

Could you make a profit today, sure. Certainly would be tough to run an arbitrage strategy with this type of competition for order fills. I did great my first 2 years. I basically broke even the next 2 years. We were cannibalizing each other; day trader forum canada people in the office were in the same trades at the same time.

Do you do technical and fundamental analysis independently or is it simply a trade and see approach? I was trading futures equity indices, bond indices, currencies. Full discretion using a bit of everything. Ryan you still around? Any updated for us? E-mail me if you get this: Are there any arbitrage opps still available for day trader forum canada traders?

Just as an example, Former Trader, you traded futures. You then compare that with a regular future contract and look for price discrepencies to capitalize on. If so HFT and quants run this arena. You can profit in other areas beside day trader forum canada. Momentum plays a huge game in trading. Skip to main content. Day trader forum canada prepared with Kaplan Day trader forum canada. Home Forums Careers How is it working as a day trader? Any input, any former traders out there?

It is the best forum. Turnover will surely be sky high. If it seems like a boiler room operation run. Because there are many of them out there.

I was a momentum trader not arbitrage.

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Iam looking for a decent site to do some day trading.. If you want a broker let me know. I did a lot of looking around and found the best one. As for forums I also have a few. If your going to do more then lets say trades a month your better off to go with a broker then a major bank. Also, how much do you know about investing in general?

Just saying, be careful: Otherwise I didn't know they just offer low trader fees. I unfortunately haven't tried different platforms however I have found Royal Bank to be a brutal trading platform for day traders. Originally posted by Neil4Speed I unfortunately haven't tried different platforms however I have found Royal Bank to be a brutal trading platform for day traders.

Canada is in the stone age when compared to the US in regards to daytrading brokers. It's been that way since the late 90s and it hasn't improved at all. Originally posted by BigMass Canada is in the stone age when compared to the US in regards to daytrading brokers. I gave up trying years ago. If someone knows better by all means please inform me. Where in Canada can i get that? I may switch over in a couple of months. Originally posted by Irae www. Originally posted by bluerush: I wanted to refer him Been using credential direct.

I've been happy with it. They advertise it as being rated the 1 trading site in Canada three years? In my opinion average priced trades, ok layout, below average research, and mostly decent but at times space-case customer service.

If you're looking for opening a self-directed RRSP and are ok with doing your research elsewhere, Q-Trade might be worth a look. Yeah, you don't want an annual fee for your accounts, regardless of what type. Questrade is the best by far. You have web based platforms or app based for day trading. Fee's are dirt cheap. Service is awesome to. I used the live chat system and its way better then waiting on the phone for someone.

So half if you buy in june. Its for 50 trades, then for every trade after its 6. Wonderful suggestions to know more best online trading websites. Getting the best may also signify investing in the proposal where the people want to get.

The best method to do this will be to make a concise research of the likely systems that the person needs. I'll post it again Also the site has some great info and it's all Canadian info too on taxes, etc. Advantage with staying with TD, is that its easy to move your money around your accounts.

Questrade does have a forex platform. I haven't looked into it though so I couldn't tell you any specifics. If I don't qualify for my 9. IB only problem is buying and selling in full lots.

This doesn't have to be a big problem but I am not going to be buying shares of BIDU to trade with any time soon. Not to mention if I want to leverage up or if you are someone that likes to average down, I would think being forced into lots would make those odd cases difficult. I still like itrades platform better and if you do over 30 trades a quarter you get a Thompson Reuters Java terminal for free. It has it perks but after a year of using this stuff I think that trying to out speed the market and reading level II quotes just adds confusion.

Scotia does have nice execution though. One thing to keep in mind is when looking at Questrade they have a lot of hidden fees that I still have not fully looked into. So make sure you aren't looking for something in particular like Level II Venture quotes , since it will be an added cost if you don't trade a certain amount each month. Is it possible to get some more discussion on this? Currently I use my RBC direct investments for mutual funds since its free.

I just want to know if questrade is preferable over Qtrade? Qtrade seems to have a long fee schedule. I haven't done enough research into Questrade. I'm a n00b still with investing so any guidance would be great. I use qtrade and I keep telling myself I need to switch to questrade based on fees alone.

I have a TD waterhouse account for my active trading longer term stuff is through a broker and have no complaints. It's nice to be able to transfer money between accounts. You can take a look at the rankings and descriptions at Surviscor - Brokerage rankings http: Although I do a very low volume of trades. Just portfolio re-balancing a few times a year.

Most posts in here are fail I will reiterate what someone else said. Think about that niggas. By the way, you can tell us about as many friends as you like - there is no limit.