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Europe has an important part to play in facing the challenges ahead. And it was hopefully a foundational act for Europe and France. Many other heads of state were present, including the leaders of Israel and Palestine, as well as the heads of EU institutions. The Europe so often denounced as nothing more than a single market showed it was much more, and that cuenta de forex banco saxona was capable of being much more.

Faced with the barbarity of terrorism, it suddenly rediscovered its origins. The European project began sixty years ago with one mission: Today, Europe must confront new challenges at a time when its prosperity is under threat. As Matteo Renzi has put it, Europe has a shared currency, but it has to give itself new tools to guarantee its security in intelligence and defencewhether the threats lie at its borders Ukraine, Syria, Libya or come from within. It is now clear that more Europe is needed, not less, and this will not be easy.

All the countries cuenta de forex banco saxona at the march will have to prove their determination to combat terrorism wherever it takes hold. Yet these same countries let Syria descend into chaos. The act might also be foundational — or rather re-foundational — for a France stricken by doubt and divisions, caught in an economic crisis with no end in sight. And here again, it is when faced with terror cuenta de forex banco saxona fear that French citizens remember the values upon which their country is built.

The country has been surprised by the amazing international response to the killings. When Angela Merkel, cuenta de forex banco saxona anti-immigration sentiment at homeclaims to be impressed by the reaction of the French people, these are not hollow words. This exceptional global outpouring of support means France must live up to all that it symbolises: Achieving this, however, will be tremendous challenge.

Waking up after this regenerative weekend will be hard. The old debates will resurface. Government, politicians of all persuasions and religious leaders must live up to expectations. The need for security must lead to effective solutions and to the rejection of the populist proposals that are certain to come. The left must prove its pragmatism and act without naivety.

The right must be a force for constructive opposition and resist extremist factions. Exceptional situations demand exceptional responses. Factual or translation error? Terrorist attacks in France: Is Europe up to the challenge?

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