Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Trading Bots

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To get a taste of how Gimmer works, please try our backtest demo, it uses historical data and not real capital. We're collecting your email to keep you updated with our latest news and Demo version updates. Bitcoin bot trading strategies bot Free A standard automated crypto trading bot is offered for free.

This includes the use of one indicator, one safety and one pair, without leverage. Easy setup Automated crypto trading bots that are quick and easy to set up with your own trading bot strategies, integrated with major exchanges: Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bittrex, OkCoin and many others.

Rent your bot Make money by renting your strategies to other customers through the bot store. Multi-coin trading Multi-coin trading allowing you to select multiple coins to trade against, the bitcoin bot trading strategies work with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash and many others. Free backtesting Free backtesting allowing you to test your strategy over a previous trading period to see how it would have performed based on historical data.

Simulator Simulator mode allowing you to trial a strategy in real time, without real currency so the user can get confidence. Indicators Add from many indicators to your strategy to maximise your trading. Safeties Add from many safeties to your strategy to limit or prevent any losses.

Trading bot modes Choose between different trading modes and to bitcoin bot trading strategies the format to indicators work together. Arbitrage bot trading Arbitrage bot trading, make profits by trading the different coin prices between exchanges, buy bitcoin or other crypto on the cheapest exchange and sell on the most expensive.

Social trading network Social trading network bitcoin bot trading strategies you can connect to other traders and discuss strategies. Portfolio of trading bot strategies A portfolio of bots minimum of 2 strategies which is based on a customer risk profile. This is aimed mostly at customers looking for a more investment focus.

Automated crypto lending bot Make loans, using the bitcoin bot trading strategies intelligence to invest in the currency that has the most deficit, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Dollar, thus, earning a greater interest. Follow Us Telegram Facebook Instagram. Subscribe Join our newsletter!

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