Binomial Option Pricing: I

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No dividends are paid on the underlying stock during the life of the option. Option can only be exercised at expiry Binomial options pricing model ppt style.

Efficient markets Market movements cannot be predicted. Interest rates do not change over the life of the option and are known Stock returns follow a lognormal distribution. GreeksGreeks are quantities representing the market sensitivity of options or other derivatives. Rate of change in delta Vega: Sensitivity to volatility Theta: A technique of employing statistical sampling to approximate solutions to quantitative problems.

Stochastic nondeterministic using pseudo-random numbers. Let w1 and w2 be two independent random variables. Gaussian Random Variable x is a Gaussian variable with zero mean value, unit variance, binomial options pricing model ppt density Therefore, may be used to simulate. Output of the Code: Computation of the call price one year to maturity by using the Monte-Carlo algorithm presented in the binomial options pricing model ppt before. The curve displays C versus S. It is important because it provides A justification for the widespread practice of passive investing called indexing, and A way to binomial options pricing model ppt expected rates of return for use in evaluating stocks and projects.

What would risk premiums on securities be in equilibrium if people had the same set of forecasts of expected returns and risks, and all chose their portfolios optimally according to the principles of efficient diversifications? The investor who take risk. The investor who avoided risk and if he take risk he ask for more reward and in this case it is risk premium. CAPM DefinedIt is a model which describes the relationship between risk and expected required return.

In this model a security expected Required return is equal to risk free rate and risk premium based on the systematic risk of the security. Risk-adjusted rate of return. Economic profits are net of all costs. Managers are able to report the result they want and mislead stock market Stock market cannot discriminate between efficient and less efficient corporations All corporations should be required to use the same accounting procedures The Capital Asset Pricing Model. Binomial Bias in Pricing American Options.

Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model. The Black-Scholes Equation in Finance. Black Scholes Models and Option Pricing.

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