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People move seamlessly between the physical and the digital world. A four-step model shows how to create a better experience. Image cropped from original]. Even as they followed the game, binary options traders insight kas tail could check real-time statistics, match analysis and score updates on an artificial intelligence-backed AI-backed app on their smartphones.

For those who watched the matches at the stadium, the app extended their experience beyond just the game by offering a concierge service: It is touted to binary options traders insight kas tail the latest trend in marketing analytics. It uses AI to learn from the cluttered and complex real-time Big Data and offers consumer insights that are contextually relevant and personalised.

It promises better understanding of consumer and competition buying habits, and thus better redesign of consumer experiences. The US Open app was based on its technology. It helps customers resolve simple problems quickly and redirects them to human advisors for more complex problems. But whether the insights into user behaviour are Big Data-driven, or smart data-enabled where algorithms find patterns and make sense of dataor whether they are based on hands-on qualitative understanding through face-to-face interactions, the core narrative remains the same: Understand your customers to better deliver products and services that meet real, unmet and latent needs.

And that is never truer! How in the face of such conflicting demands, should a company look at crafting a differentiated digital experience? Mind you, this is no longer an imperative just for e-commerce companies; even bricks-and-mortar companies need to do this. True, good experience often begins at the edges, in the smaller firms than in the larger ones.

But as the consumer experience gets richer, more sensory and better connected, consumers start to expect more from all providers. Those who remain standing binary options traders insight kas tail either left behind or get crowded out. Streaming music sites binary options traders insight kas tail as Saavn. In contrast, video on demand apps like Hotstar and VOOT have a cluttered dashboard that does not allow navigation, directed search, and personalisation. Netflix relies on genre-based categorisation and predictive analytics, which the Indian video on demand sites do not offer yet.

How long before the savvy consumers start demanding more from Indian video on demand players? Baby care products site Firstcry. In contrast, erstwhile competitor Babyoye had not innovated as much, even binary options traders insight kas tail being acquired by Mahindra, and lagged in consumer acquisition.

Babyoye has recently been acquired by Firstcry. Clearly, better binary options traders insight kas tail experience leads to better adoption and higher sales. But user experience is not simply a visually attractive interface as bricks-and-mortar companies think, and it is not the deal of the day as digital companies think.

The answer to better consumer experience design, as always, lies in the basics. In not just defining unique advantages, but in also realising that enclosed in this ever-enveloping digital ephemera, humans still crave belonging, acceptance and recognition. In contrast, most firms tend to think from an internal perspective and focus on products and not the people who will use them.

Or, if they think of consumers, they limit their understanding to lead users early adopters. They do not consider the fans and the ones who barely use their product extreme users or the multiple personas among binary options traders insight kas tail target audience the frequent buyers, binary options traders insight kas tail users, active users who like to share feedback and engage, and so on.

The most binary options traders insight kas tail realisation, however, can be that the world is not binary—it is not just physical or just digital. Both bricks-and-mortar and digital companies often think that consumer experience equates to interface design or digital campaigns. Digital products and services do not remain in the digital realm—they intersect with our real worlds. At the same time, physical products and services are not consumed in isolation—they interact and are shaped by our digital footprints.

So, creating an entire consumer ecosystem is essential. How do you do that? The model outlined here considers a four-step process to design better consumer experiences. Demand patterns for products, services or content are evolving faster than ever, with many niche segments coexisting with mass ones. Hence, marketers need to better understand the changing shape of consumer perceptions, need states, beliefs, and wants and understand how to integrate those into their offerings.

Consumption arises from inventing desire and encouraging discovery. Desire, in turn, links to attributes of a product, its design and consumer perception of the product. In crowded consumer products categories such as biscuits or oils or staples, in the absence of real binary options traders insight kas tail, uniqueness is often crafted.

But beyond perception, what if innovation could be used to create true differentiation? Innovation could come through better sourcing, better ingredients, or better manufacturing. In segments like hair oils, flavoured water and health supplements, brands are evoking the benefits of Ayurveda.

Global consumer durables brands such as Samsung and LG are embedding Internet of Things and artificial intelligence in traditional products to create distinction.

MTV India leverages consumer insights to shape its content, change the tonality of existing content or even considers new anchors to better reflect the ethos and tone of voice of the changing viewer.

Traditional consumer packaged goods companies rely on becoming premium as a strategy to drive value. The booming milk and value added milk products industry is an example. But if everyone targets the same upper middle and premium consumer, rather than convert the unbranded and unorganised segment into the branded one, they all compete for the same consumer and her limited wallet.

Brands would do well to recognise that India has a graded scale of consumer segments. More growth would come from going deeper and wider into the target market, as well as taking each consumer binary options traders insight kas tail to the next-level of premiumisation. Established mass market and traditional products need to change to meet evolving consumer needs.

These changing needs could include focus on health, fitness, source, ingredients, sustainability, environment, transparency, back to roots, global mindsets, and many others. On the other hand, digital products or content, or traditional products with embedded intelligence such as home automation and home security devices, have a small current binary options traders insight kas tail user-base.

For both types of products, competition comes not just from within the category but from cross-category products, services or experiences. For example, streaming music or video on demand products are competing not just against traditional radio or television. They compete against social media and other forms of entertainment or socialisation.

Hence, brands would do well to closely understand different consumer segments and need states, look at their journeys to understand the voids and thus identify the slices of time or options where opportunities sit. This will help them devise better products, drive adoption, and help the consumer transition from other segments to this new one.

Identification of trends is critical to understanding shifting consumer mindsets and emerging niche segments. This comes not from any quantitative survey asking consumers what they want. But how consumer desires and beliefs are shifting can be interpreted from direct conversations and from the groundswell of conversations and images on social media.

For example, recent observations of content reveal that Bhojpuri is one of the fastest growing languages in India. Thus, brands would do well to create content that serves that market. However, social media can be both boon and bane in understanding consumers.

Online conversations and comments of real users can tell brands how their world is changing. But there are more poseurs and voyeurs online than actual buyers or users. Consumers can be reactive or meme-of-the-moment driven, thus distorting real trends. The once-famous example of Google Analytics predicting flu epidemic by looking at online search patterns has now been proved to be an epic failure.

Till we improve predictive algorithms, simply relying on Big Data-based decision sciences for future gazing can be misleading.

Instead, a combination of qualitative research through face-to-face interactions and social media mapping can help inform us on broader shifts in consumer perception and sentiment. Discovery derives from better design—understanding what to evoke and how. For example, an Ayurveda-based product can demystify the category and offer easier digital navigation for consumers to understand its benefits and elicit sensory desire. Or a streaming music service can look at trends binary options traders insight kas tail understand current and future shifts in behaviour and values to create playlists, build in predictive capability, or source new content.

Companies are paying attention to better UX user experience. This is critical to allow consumers to navigate the product portfolio and discover not just the hero products, but also the entire long tail. In retail shelves, discovery is achieved through unique design of product packaging and marketing materials, and store layout design.

Increasingly, an important way to drive discovery is through online channels. For example, a traditional jewellery brand can create awareness and generate sales, whether online or in stores, by allowing consumers to navigate their product portfolio through collections, occasions, jewellery type, or crafting style.

It is essential to create cross-navigation to create a better user experience to enable discovery. For most of recorded history of consumption, communication was a one-way process, from the company to its consumers. Today, of course, it is an established notion that consumers want to engage with the brands they consume. But then again, simply engaging binary options traders insight kas tail consumers through contests binary options traders insight kas tail campaigns or creating a platform to offer opinions is not enough.

Consumers are seeking real contribution. It is not just about positing opinions. Consumers are keen to see how their ideas can shift the needle for the product or for the binary options traders insight kas tail. How well a company can integrate user-generated content and transition it from the social to the business domain, will determine the degree to which it can leverage consumer contribution.

For example, food-related companies, or media or digital channels on food-related content, binary options traders insight kas tail engage with consumers to showcase user-generated recipes.

While not every media firm can become YouTube, companies can leverage user generated content—either to create dialogues, as MTV India did with its cybercrime feeds and live events; or to create new content, as the new digital e-zines do with a network of vetted and curated freelance contributors. In essence, these companies straddle being producers as well as marketplaces, thus opening the doors to broader opportunities.

This is not confined to digital influencing and content creation. It is not about customisation either. Ikea uses insights effectively in its product innovation process.

Starbucks used consumer feedback to create peach green-tea lemonade. As digital platforms proliferate, consumers more than ever want to feel that sense of belonging, and companies have been creating platforms to bring together sub-groups of like-minded consumers to interact, engage, and share ideas. Binary options traders insight kas tail media marketing builds communities easily and effectively—these can be used to create circles of influence, spread awareness, cross-sell and build stickiness.

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I got mixed feedback since the change. Some did welcome it, some complained about the colors, some have problems reading it on mobile devices. Personally, I like the colors of the new layout but I think the posts get too big on my screen.

The old design was much more compact. So it would be great if you could take a few seconds to answer the following 5 questions. Many thanks in advance!!! Value Investing France with a too short summary of Jim Chanos, last bear standing, thinks it is a good time to raise fresh money for his short fund. Almost all of my 24 positions are pretty boring.

In order add a little excitment, I added the company logos this time….. This is in line with my goal to have an average holding period of at least years for the normal value stocks. The number of stocks has grown by 2 but this is well within my range of positions I am targeting.

I am not a big fan of extremely concentrated portfolios. Hornbach Baumarkt A stock which is in the portfolio since the beginning. Had to fight several headwinds in like bad weather in the all important first half-year, a now bankrupt competitor who was selling for cash flow Praktiker and of course the internet.

Nevertheless in my opinion a very good, ultra solid long-term holding. Could surprise to the upside next year. Miko BV Plastics packaging and Coffee distribution. Strange combination, but again ultra solid and cheap stock with relatively good growth over the years. Could surprise to the upside because of lower input costs Coffee. Typical, family run solid and long-term oriented business. They did take over the number 2 producer Radoux some time ago and seem to harvest the benefits now.

Vetropack Swiss based, ultra solid producer of glass bottles. Currently struggling both, with high energy prices and low growth in some of its main markets, esp. Nevertheless a solid position. Some potential upside via a new thinner but equally solid type of glass bottle which might even replace PET bottles. Installux Very cheap and unspectacular French aluminium parts manufacturer with large cash pile.

Surprisingly resilient business despite the weak home market. Poujoulat Another unspectacular French small cap, specialist for chimneys of all sorts. Large top line growth via entrance into wood pellet business, however large depreciation reduced overall margins.

If margins recover, stock could have a lot of upside. Again, nothing spectacular but very solid performance. Still cheap compared to the quality of the business. Currently struggling with French health care regulation. Nevertheless still one of the most attractive business models for financials. Sol Spa Technical gases and healthcare related gas business. Very well run, good growth in the Healthcare sector.

True strength not shown in the numbers due to large upfront write-offs. Gronlandsbanken Basically only bank in Greenland with high margins and good return. Potential upside if rare earth mining projects and other natural resources projects get started. Perrier Interesting French specialist for electrical installations.

Growing business especially in the nuclear power area. Barriers for competitors due to certification requirements. Quasi monopoly in France. Good margins and good growth plus large cash pile. Thermador Very interesting French home building and improvement supplier company. Currently struggling a little due to low domestic French demand but very good company at an attractive price. Trilogiq French production optimisation company.

Based on Japanese production philosophy, company provides solution and know how to optimise production. Active mostly in the car industry. Net cash, good margins and still cheap. Van Lanshot One of the leading Dutch Private banks. Did make some strategic mistakes in the past. Additional tailwind because of tax crack down on Swiss private banks. KAS Bank Dutch bank, specialising in securities services.

Due to low-interest rates, profitability under pressure. Will benefit if short-term rates start to rise. In the meantime, 6. Paid large special dividend but also reinvested in additional toll roads. If traffic in Italy stabilizes, stock has good upside. Depfa LT2 Lower tier 2 bond of nationalised Depfa bank. Coupon is guaranteed by a third-party. Rhoen Klinikum I bought the stock after the first failed take over attempt.

Now it looks like that the sale of the majority of the business to Fresenius will be cleared. To be sold if my price target of EUR MAN SE Another special situation , betting on Volkswagen having to pay more than the 83 EUR compensation initially proposed after implementing a profit and loss transfer agreement.

Valmet , Metso Spin off January 2. Merger with Brazilian OI in 3. The securities discussed in this post are very risky and the author might have already bought some before publishing the post. As a result, the share price of Celesio dipped slightly below 23 EUR after hitting The offer McKesson has actually created a dedicated website for the offers with all documents, some videos etc here including the detailed offer document.

The acceptance period runs until early January with a potential extension period until end of January. I think this is clearly part of the game from the seller in order to get a good price.

Elliott is even using this as their main argument according to this article:. Celesio looks clearly expensive at 23 EUR. However even without operational synergies there is a lot of potential for improvement. They are most famous for their over a decade long fight with the Argentinian Government, where some months ago, the even went so far to seize the sailing ship of the Argentinian Naval forces. However, one aspect remains the same: They involve themselves only when Anglo-Saxon bidders are in the game.

Anyway, one thing is clear: Elliott is clearly not a player which gets pushed around easily. On the other hand, they are in to make money. This is the main difference to the Rhoen case, where some of the players B. Braun wanted to block the deal at any cost.

Now if we want to speculate on a top up, we have to make two assumptions: How likely is a top up and how large will it be? Up until recently, Celesio had to struggle to refinance their debts. So they had to offer two convertibles in the past, each with an amount of mn EUR which convert each into 17 mn extra shares current total shares out: The convertible will mature in nd is not a big issue with regard to the take over.

However, the convertible is in my opinion much more interesting. First of all, the official strike price of One k EUR bond allows the holder to convert into 4. But now it gets interesting: However, this could turn out to be a big problem for McK. Any company doing such a takeover wants to get rid of minorities as quickly as possible and is therefore trying hard to squeeze out shareholders and delist the company.

With the convertible, this could be very difficult. This reduces the upside potential of the convertible, but it might increase the chances of a better offer overall. That those thoughts are not totally without merit could be indicated via the disclosure int he offer documents that they seem to be already buying busily convertibles with the focus on the bond:. Januar Wandlungsrechte in