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We have all heard great binary options success stories. Some traders have made millions within weeks. You should ignore them all. While these stories are mostly true, they are of little value to you, and following the concepts laid out in them will probably cost you money. Some binary options traders make it look easy.

They make money from the start and become binary option robot success stories within weeks. When other traders want to become successful, they turn to these traders and hope for them to unveil some magic story that makes their success story repeatable. All of the big brokers have millions of customers.

By the sheer force of the odds, some of them will win their 50 trades in a row and become rich overnight. This success has nothing to do with what these traders did — they just got lucky.

Of course, these traders will seize the moment and write a book or start a blog. Unaware that their success was a product of sheer luck, they will promise other traders that they can repeat their magic success if they only subscribe to the same idea they subscribed to.

If you apply these concepts in your trading, they will probably fail you. Since your odds of getting as lucky as these traders are astronomically small, you will probably invest in a flawed strategy and lose money.

Binary option robot success stories Jordan had some unique elements in his game that made him the best basketballer of his time. Millions of people tried to copy these elements and failed — because they were not Michael Jordan.

Great successes that are not entirely based on luck are based on unique talent. Only one person in a million comes even close to this unique talent. For everyone else, trying to copy the way Michael Jordan dunked from the foul line will result in a miss and a broken ankle. The same applies to trading. If a trader with unique mental abilities has found a way to get rich overnight with a strategy that seems intuitive to him, the rest of us will probably be unable to copy it.

We are better sticking with what we can do and ignore the success story. When new traders fall for the unrealistic promises binary option robot success stories a magic success story, they neglect the one power binary options provides them with — the power to develop a working strategy and turn a profit each week.

If you manage to make a few percent each week, the force of compound interest will accumulate you a lot of money within a year. Where other investment types limit you to a profit of 10 percent binary option robot success stories year, if you manage to earn 10 percent a month with binary options, you will have made a profit of percent within a year — that is a lot.

If you fall for the promise of making thousands of dollars within a few days, however, you will invest too risky and probably lose all your money. To become successful, we recommend that you start with a demo account, trading play money instead of real money. In this risk-free environment, you can test different strategies and find the one that works best for you.

Once you have developed a way of turning a profit by the end of the month, you can switch to real money trading — but not earlier. This approach might not be as sexy as the promise of becoming rich overnight, but at least binary option robot success stories is realistic and completely risk-free. Even if you should find that binary option robot success stories have the talent to make a fortune within a week, you will still be able to switch to real money trading.

To find a good demo account, take a look at our top list of the best binary options demos available, where you can find free demos with respectable binary options brokers. Trading binary options without depositing.

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Sat Apr 7 Tokyo: April in General. Hi there guys, would just like to share my story on my journey on how I became profitable. It all started around 12 months ago, I was always the technical type and ive always been obsessed with step by step technique to things. I would sit for hours and construct strategies in my head which i would later mathematically test for probability etc.

I finally gave up and realized that casino odds could never by beaten in the long run. I knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park to learn such a skill, but i started researching. But little did i know predicting market moves to a high probability was in no way easy. Let my also add I am a perfectionist, from day 1 i instantly had in the back of my mind "i need to find something which will predict these moves to an extremely high probability".

After further research i soon came to grasp the reality of trading. It was possible, and profitable, but you needed the market to actually MOVE big time to make excellent money. I was frustrated, then i found binary options. It seemed amazing when i first saw it, and it still is the great advantage with binary options is you dont need a huge market move to attain great amounts of profit. Ill cease ranting on about it, but its amazing how far ive come. I would love to give you all a formula of step by step approach on how to conquer the markets to an extremely high probability, and ill tell you now its possible, but it simply wouldnt work as if i did so you all would not understand the psychology behind it, that is very important i believe.

To become successful is a learning curve which is best done on your own. I know i did! So, like I could get that message in your last 2 sentences. That's 5 minutes I'm never gonna be able to get back Before you get your own strategy you must use other people's strategies and make a lot of mistakes.

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