Binary Options Robot Review : Profitable & Best Software Till Now!!

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BinaryRobot is a new scam that offers automated binary options trading for binary option robot review is binary option robot a scam.

It uses the well established scheme which makes you deposit money at a scam binary broker and the robot starts trading your money, and make you large profits. At the end you become so rich you buy an island in the Pacific ocean and you marry the robot.

Two moths later the robot what employee stock option compensation plans are offered by coca-cola and pepsico course divorces you and takes all your money, and you continue with your miserable life.

To safe your troubles you should probably skip flirting with binary robots. The end could be really hurtful and expensive.

All testimonials on the website are fake. If you are an experienced trader you can see it right away. Many websites are writing fancy BinaryRobot reviews telling binary option robot review is binary option robot a scam it is legit and scam free. Where these money come from? From your pocket of course. You can see those notes even on weekends when the markets are closed, but the robot is obviously unstoppable. The robot works with popular scam brokers BinaryOnline and 72Optionboth using SpotOption software.

You can check the comments in Google Play for both apps. You register on the robot website which automatically creates you account on BinaryOnline broker. I bet the fibonacci robot is the winning horse. You can see tons of cash poor in, but not in your direction. Hello, I am very new to trading and I was looking for some additional income. That was suspicious to me, and I started digging about this robot, thankfully I found your review, I also found other comments from scammed people. I still can't withdraw my money and you must know if you deposit any money at Binary Robot you would never be able to withdrawal!

Avoid trading with them! Skip to main content. Sun, 29 Oct Log in or register to post comments.

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Feb 19 Binary Options Trading Trap?-?TRAP10 Binary Trading (commonly also known as Binary Options Trading or Binary Options) is a type of option where the trader takes a yes or no position on the price of a stock or other assets, with the resulting payoff being all or nothing. Assets that can be traded as Binary Options are indices, forex, commodities and stocks.

All binary options trades are conducted through Internet-based trading platforms which give the impression that they are based in the GCC and do not comply with applicable GCC regulatory requirements and may be engaging in illegal activities. GCC mainly Saudi Arabia stands eighth in the top ten list of binary options trading market.