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Data may be stored in the clipboard in any number for formats identified by integer values. When reading clipboard data, applications must check in what formats the current clipboard data is currently available and specify one of these formats when reading the data.

Similarly, when writing data to the clipboard, applications need to specify the format in which data is to stored in the clipboard. In some cases, Windows will automatically make multiple formats available. For example, storing text in format type 1 text will also make format type 13 Unicode available in the clipboard. In addition to the standard set of formats defined by Windows applications may register their own formats with the system.

Multiple formats may be simultaneously stored into the clipboard. When reading or writing data, the application is responsible for formatting data appropriately, possibly through the use of Tcl's binary command. Tcl Windows API extension. The Tcl clipboard command is not available in console-based Tcl programs that do not load Tk.

More control is desired over the specific format of the data stored into the clipboard. Clipboard formats Data may be stored in the clipboard in any number for formats identified by integer values. This command does not require the clipboard to have been opened. The clipboard must have been opened before this function is called.

Most clipboard operations require the clipboard to have been previously opened. If the clipboard was not open, it will opened and closed before the command returns. In all cases where an exception binary format command in tcl raised, the clipboard is closed before binary format command in tcl command returns.

The content is an exact copy of the contents of the clipboard in binary format. Callers will need to use Tcl commands such as binary and encoding to parse the data.

If the clipboard was not open, it will be opened and closed before the command returns. Retrieves the content of the clipboard as text. If -raw is specified as false defaultthe command converts CR-LF line terminators in clipboard content to LF line terminators. If -raw specified as true, the command does no conversion of the clipboard data.

The command returns an integer format identifier that may be used in calls to read and write data. If the format name is already registered, binary format command in tcl same integer format value is returned. This command binary format command in tcl not require the clipboard to be open. The command returns a binary format command in tcl.

Multiple clipboard monitoring scripts may be active at the same time. In this case, the clipboard remains open when the command returns after writing the data except in the case of any Tcl exceptions. In all cases, the clipboard is closed before returning if an exception is thrown. This ensures other applications are not locked out of the clipboard on errors. Writing a format previously specified in the sequence overwrites the previous contents of that format. Each path is normalized and converted to native format.

Binary format command in tcl the given text string to the clipboard. If -raw specified as true, the command does no conversion.

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Your browser failed to load CSS style sheets. Your browser or web proxy might not support elliptic-curve TLS. Not sure if this helps but: The first form, binary format, creates a binary string from normal Tcl values. For example, given the values 16 and 22, on a 32 bit architecture, it might produce an 8-byte binary string consisting of two 4-byte integers, one for each of the numbers. The second form of the command, binary scan, does the opposite: Here is a link to a TCL tutorial which i wrote http: Thanks, but it doesn't help.

Nice trick, which answers another question I've got a while ago. What if you populated a variable with the binary format formatString line and used puts to display it? Now I'm getting the file contents on the screen as they should be, but cannot put the terminal into "raw" mode giving Tclsh a character at a time.

Maybe I'll get some crazy idea over weekend ;. Well, the problem is that Tcl script gets the input only after the user has pressed the ENTER key, which is a problem if you're trying to implement a full-screen editor.

So even your suggestion will not make stdin readable until the user has signalled the end of line. Have a look at http: I'm trying to port the newer version of it http: And, yes, what we need is exactly the stty -raw: Anonymous comments might get deleted.

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