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The Games on Demand version supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish Binary Domain puts you in the middle of a fast paced and intense battle for humanity binary domain edge robot-invaded Tokyo. Work with your team, think on your feet and give the machines an unexpected ending.

Be human, be unpredictable. Buy Xbox content on Xbox. Your Xbox console will automatically download the content next time you turn it on and connect to Xbox Live.

Click to create and send a link using your email application. Shooter Features Dolby Digital. Online features Online multiplayer 4 - 16 Online co-op 2 - 4 Content downloads Leaderboards Voice chat. Copy and paste this link into an e-mail or instant message:.

This pack includes binary domain edge brand new weapon and skills for Sergeant Dan Marshall to enhance the single player experience making him more resilient, stronger and faster in combat action.

Download binary domain edge demo today binary domain edge have the chance to play Binary Domain. As the lines start to blur between man and machine, you must enter into Tokyo, fight your way through their robotic defences and find who is creating highly advanced humanoids that are beginning to infiltrate society undetected.

The machine age has begun Free Download to Xbox As well as featuring a rich story and detailed characters, Binary Domain also comes complete with a wide variety of exciting multiplayer modes. Watch this binary domain edge for an introduction to the Government and Resistance forces and binary domain edge see these modes in action across a wide variety of maps from both the upper and lower cities of Tokyo. The city is beginning to question what makes them human as the technological advances are beginning to blur the line between man and machine.

You need to work together with the RUST crew, build trust with them and work to establish where humanity binary domain edge and machines begin. Binary Domain is bigger than you think, watch this trailer for a taste of the emotion and drama from the game.

As hollow children are becoming more and more common across the world, join the Rust Crew as Dan Marshall to fight your way passed Japan's robotic defences through the varying environments of Tokyo and help discover who is at the heart of the issue and bring them to justice.

Where does the machine end and humanity begin?

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There are a total of 3 maps you need to do from wave This might sound easy, BUT you need to do them in one sitting since once you fail or quit out, you start back at wave 1. Some waves can be very frustrating, so I will write down for each level the difficulty, exact tactic and which enemies to expect for which wave.

Make sure to have every player up at level 50 so you can all carry each possible upgrade and also make sure to coordinate well. Knowing how each enemy gets killed the best is also a bonus which can only be obtained by beating the campaign at least once on survivor. Be aware that you don't take a lot of punishment in this game mode, so equip the maximum number of med packs including nanomech upgrades.

However, you will want every possible edge you can get here. Waves come in packages to 5, meaning that you respawn at insane locations after the 5th wave every time until Make sure to follow the location descriptions I provide, so you can bolster your defences in a strong phalanx. Med packs should be bought wisely since every time you die you start with the basic loadout and loose every weapon and med pack you had! This also applies each time after every 5th wave, so make sure to think a few steps ahead; therefore buying 5 medpacks in waves isn't as smart as the same amount in Although the heavy MG gunner is awesome on earlier stages, it is close to useless on higher stages.

Therefore I recommend the following weapon packages. Pair up in 2s so both weapons are in one squad. After wave 20, I strongly recommend switching the heavy MGs for either snipers or shotguns. However, after this wave I strongly advise players to carry a shotgun AND a sniper rifle! Once a player drops out due to lag or bad connections, he WON'T be able to join again, so you either need to finish the waves with only 3 or start over which mostly will result in starting over.

Especially the rocket ones since these will kill you instantly with no chance for revives. Shield carriers are annoying but if you are close enough they will lift their shields.

Optional you can shoot their toes when they are far away. Beginning with wave 40, you need at least 1 player with a shield. This is the most important role since he will draw the enemies fire while the rest of the team kills the enemy's.

This can be optionally done from wave 35, BUT since the shield is rather expensive, make sure that a player which can afford it buys the shield plus some medpacs.

Sometimes though, they will spawn earlier as well, so always listen carefully for the signal horn which will tell you when a Hercules shows up.

This map is the hardest, especially since there is literally no cover that is safe for longer than 2 minutes. Basically you will concentrate your group around the tower where you can hide out either at the very top or on lower floors. Hercules gets top priority since you don't want to die by a well place rocket.

Make sure the other 2 support the shield carriers since when enough Hollows attack the shields, they will go down! If you run out of ammo you have to be daring and make a run for it, so be prepared for a lot of stress here. This map has rather small and tight corridors which look at first glance as if it would be a disadvantage. However, the best camp spot would be where the ammo crates are since one set of 2 players these should have sniper rifles will look down the hallway directly towards the spawn and take out everything that comes while the other group covers the other direction.

Hercules get top priority since these can easily kill the whole group in a matter of seconds, especially the rocket launchers. As soon as the hollow children come, make sure to kill them first since you don't want to get overrun at any cost. However, if you circle the main area around the fountain, you will see some blue elephant structures.

To the left you can see some stairs leading down and this is the spot where everyone should stand and defend the area.

However, having 2 watch the rear and 2 the front would be a good idea. Health packs spawn near the fountain in the center and enemies spawn normally on the other side of the bridges. Here is a list on how many enemies you need to expect on which waves:. Upon finishing the last map, you will unlock the following achievement and if you did all the other things in my WT, you will also unlock the achievement for all other achievements.

Completion 48 5 Earn all other achievements in the game. TrueAchievements Log in or Register Free. Binary Domain Walkthrough 6. Invasion Mode There are a total of 3 maps you need to do from wave Once a player drops out due to lag or bad connections, he WON'T be able to join again, so you either need to finish the waves with only 3 or start over which mostly will result in starting over Hercules is ALWAYS the top priority to take out!

Play in public matches, otherwise your progress won't be counted. Resistance Hero Earn all other achievements in the game. Find anything you think is wrong with this walkthrough? Help us fix it by posting in its Walkthrough Thread. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.

This walkthrough and any content included may not be reproduced without written permission. Quantum of Solace PC. Army of Two Asian. Army of Two EU. The 40th Day JP. Battlefield 4 Xbox Battlefield 4 Xbox One.