Top 20 Share Brokers in India By Clients at NSE in 2018

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Does anyone have data on who are the largest brokerage firms in India - both by trading volumes and by number of clients? Exchanges have this one public report though where they display active number of clients each broker has. Active is essentially every client who has traded atleast once in last one year.

As on June 30th, this is the list of brokerages with unique clients. LTD 86 C. I am guessing around 45 lakh unique Indians who invested atleast once last year.

I know zerodha big stock broking companies in india good traders but generally which brokerage house has great traders ,just wanna know. I have account with kotak and zerodha But trading only in zerodha. So is there any other data to find who is bestlike trading volumes. This is the only publicly available data. Big stock broking companies in india NSE gave out best performing broker awards for Bro, wait fr some more months. Do they have a list for trading volumes, that would surely have Zerodha closer to the top.

There must be a huge number of first time investors trying to start participating in the markets. Any updates on the latest count of clients among the brokerage firms in India?

I hsve account big stock broking companies in india Tradejini, Bangalore. But in the list it is not found. Why, I am wondering? I am having account with Zerodha also. Who are the largest brokerage firms in India?

Hey, Nithin can you please provide me the link of this data…. Can somebody tell us the latest count on the number of clients of all the brokerage firms? Here is the latest list, as on 31st Aug If I have accounts with more than one broker will they count me for each broker?

When zerodha is there why ppls still using icici and hdfc. Nithin ji, I know zerodha has good traders but generally which brokerage house has great traders ,just wanna know.

Yes, they will if you have traded with them. Zerodha can leave other discount brokers behind if If a robust 64bit desktop platform is offered probably others cant afford it financially Work out a way for CFD trading in foreign exchanges cud be thro a company established overseas for traders or some other way Repeat what it did already discount pricing.

Count as on 31st Oct

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