How the insurance industry will adapt to drones and driverless cars

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This site works best with JavaScript enabled. Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. You can merge your accounts by clicking here. Dominaria Preview - Final Parting. Magic Market 3 options trading myths of the white lands 2017 for April 5th, Last edited by wpgstevo: Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. What do you think specifically about Raymond Perez GP decklist? Raymond Perez's GP list was a good example of how the deck can be biased against any strategy.

Spreading seas MD at 4 copies plus crucible is slow against the fastest aggro decks, but against Eldrazi it's good. Same with 6 cmc Elspeth. That list is a very good example of how to attack known metagames by piling those hate cards right into the maindeck. The same principle can be applied after Eye of Ugin is banned and we are fending off all those aggro decks again. We'll bring back things like finks and wall to the maindeck if the aggro decks are overwhelming 3 options trading myths of the white lands 2017 meta.

Thanks for your response. From what you know, until EoU get the axe, is that strategy still viable in a small to medium crowded event?

I think you'd have to have a good idea on what to expect from the particular meta. This is only updated by me to provide the latest for UWx https: UWx Midrange Control Notables: I took it to GP Charlotte, but went Post-board, it can transition into a more reactive deck vs Combo. David Saucier Therrien, a player from my UWx community, went with a variation of of this deck.

This is a solid record and could have easily been 3 options trading myths of the white lands 2017 with tighter play. Last edited by Neo7hinker: I'm the founder and community manager of the following pages on Facebook: MTG Modern - Competitive: Modern Meta Masters https: Overwhelming Denial has been really good to me recently.

I have scapeshift in my meta and being able to say absolutely 3 options trading myths of the white lands 2017 in the main has been really nice. Pathing a turd and surging it in has been really solid as well. I'm also on one mainboard terminus, and it's been good to me. I had 2 for a while but I kept having one in my opener and it felt like a waste.

In my opinion a much needed 3 options trading myths of the white lands 2017 of the old thread. Nice to have a fresh point for further discussion. Also, nice to see a fellow Myth fan. I'm utilizing it myself, and honestly think it's an overlooked card. Personally I splash black for Lingering Souls which is a alongside the Myth. So, I was discussing for a red splash with some of you guys and I decided, at the end, to not run Bolts. But what do you think of Ajani Vengeant in this deck?

He's somewhat similar to what I was looking for. Another removal and a wincon, and he keeps things tapped. The 4 mana cost is also good and can be played early. Does he deserve that R splash or not? No other red cards, no Bolts. Just a Sacred Foundry and Ajani Vengeant. After all, even a 3 colors deck like Jund played him in the past. Last edited by Sxnr1se: X Affinity [click] Building in Modern: Ajani Vengeant is exactly the type of card you want to splash: It might just be that either Gideon or Jace can perform a similar role without requiring a splash.

My own preference is to maintain the strong and less painful manabase to max out on cryptic commandbut the splash seems reasonable. This is a good write up and a welcome update to the old thread. Last edited by Equinox On mtgsalvation people don't want to discuss ideas, so I give people something else to discuss: Decks I'm playing in Modern right now: U R B Grixis Reveler http: I know it's nasty but I have been enjoying Dissolve as a 1 of for a while and I have found it nice since running too many cryptics I'm at 3 plus resto plus verdict makes me run too many 4 drops.

Wpgstevo - Did you get a chance to read my reply above? Let us know when you make updates to the OP.

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They were the physical embodiment of this new era—white, middle-aged, clean-shaven, strong—which was about to be signed into existence with a sweeping executive order on energy and environmental policy.

I fully understand that. I grew up in a real-estate family, and until this recent little excursion into the world of politics I could never understand why anybody would not want to be in the world of real estate.

During the speech, Trump never once mentioned climate change, although his order seems designed to cleanse the E. Many activists felt that the end result was too weak. John Reilly, a co-director of M. By now, avoiding talk of climate change has become an apparent point of pride in the Trump Administration.

The irony of the executive order, as many analysts have already pointed out, is that it denies economic realities, too. Renewable-energy sources are becoming more competitive by the year, and, thanks to the fracking boom, natural gas has largely replaced coal as a cheaper, cleaner-burning fossil-fuel alternative. In the past several months, White House officials have often repeated that, whatever policies Trump implements, the E.

But it is difficult to see how this assurance could be true. Several studies have found that the C. Indeed, economists have projected that the cost of implementing the C. This is especially true for communities downwind of coal plants, which have been suffering for decades.

But one of the co-authors, Noelle Selin, told me that no one will be completely immune. For years, even under the Obama Administration, environmental-justice groups and community advocates accused the E. For all their past antagonism, environmentalists recognize the tremendous value of the E. Environmental groups have already vowed that they will mount legal challenges to save it. And, because the C. Court of Appeals for the D.

Circuit to reconsider the rule. Eventually, assuming Trump is successful, an army of agency employees will be tasked with building a case against the very regulations that they spent many months drafting. When the time comes, though, such an army may no longer exist.

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